It seems that we were planning BBQ’s, soirees in the garden and packing for our summer jollies not five minutes ago and now we’re buying new ‘big coats’, turning on the heating, planning all things Halloween and (god forbid) Christmas! But first, Halloween. Halloween is the chance to celebrate all things spooky, get dressed up, eat too much sugar and just generally have a great time with family and friends. Ok, it is probably more for the kids, but who’s to say adults can’t join in the festivities? If you’re planning on having a Halloween party (for both kids and adults) but the thought of the cost gives you the spooks, then follow these handy tips to keep your budget in check!

You might see on Instagram amazing costumes and elaborate decorations from the most carefully planned out parties, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Get yourself down to pound world or your local ‘bargain’ store and get rummaging for cheap and cheerful decorations. There’s also the option to make your own – bowls full of orange and black jelly beans, tea lights in old jam jars and homemade ‘Happy Halloween’ banners will give your party that small, personal touch. As for lighting – this is an important factor of any ‘spooky’ party as dimmed lights will give that desired eerie effect. A cheap alternative to expensive halogen lighting are LED strip lights, these come in a range of different colours and will definitely take your party decorations to the next level!

Well, when it comes to Halloween, the main ingredient on the agenda is sugar (and alcohol). Sweets for the kids and cocktails for the adults – sound like a plan? As mentioned earlier, black and orange jelly beans are great for keeping the colour scheme as are m and m’s. You can also bake cheap chocolatey treats such as chocolate spider cornflake cakes, stick black pipe cleaners on for legs and googly eyes. There are also tonnes of ‘pumpkin spice’ cupcake recipes available online that are sure to go down an absolute treat. As for the cocktails, instead of providing a load of booze for everyone (which can get very pricey) why not make two different types of cocktails in the style of ‘punch bowls’. Guests can help themselves and bring their own for extra. Of course, any great Halloween cocktail has to be some sort of gory colour, think red, green or orange.

With all that sugar, you can’t just rely on trick or treating to keep the kids entertained all night, and don’t forget you will have the adults to entertain as well! Party games are a must at any festivity and they don’t get much better than the Halloween kind! For traditional vibes, definitely go with Wink Murder or apple bobbing or if you want to get a bit more creative then why not try a Halloween ‘feel bucket’? Hide objects in a bucket of slimy, gory things and blindfold one poor person who has to feel around and guess what they find – this can be great entertainment for the kids – especially watching the adults do it!

If you are having a Halloween party this year, remember that it doesn’t have to come with a frightening price tag! Happy Halloween everyone!

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