As parent of three little ones, we love to take them out places nearby and far. We have had some lovely memories of staying overnight in places (although can be tough at times) a few hours away from home and we're looking forward to doing it again soon. We rely on our family car - a lot. As I don't drive, we only tend to use it on the weekends when my partner is off work. So making sure our car is up to date with all checks and services, is so important for us, especially before going for long car journeys. Here are ways you can check your car before preparing for a long car journey;

It's so important to check your car tyres before any journey. It's advised to check your tyre pressures and condition of your tyres every two weeks. Making sure there are no cuts and the tread is within legal limits. It's also advised to check your spare tyre too. 

If your car is 3 years old or more it is required, by law, that you must take your car in for a MOT. Kwik Fit have over 500 MOT test centres throughout the UK and tests start from £25. You must take your vehicle in for an MOT every 12 months, otherwise, by law you will unable to drive your car on the road and renew your car tax. It's important to make sure your up to date.

Car service prices vary around £125 but shop around and you may get it cheaper. The price doesn't normally include any repairs or replacements. It's important to not skip a service, just in case something is wrong and you're unaware of it - which means a huge bill in the next service. So not only does a service make sure your car is safe, it can help you save money in the long run.

If you're getting prepared for a long car journey, make sure all your lights are working properly before you go on your journey. It's advised to check lights once a week.

By law, your screenwash system must work. It's also something you will probably need on a long car journey. It's advised to change your wipers once a year.

If you are preparing a long car journey with the kids, these tips may be an interest:

It is so important to double check that the children's car seats are strapped in correctly and making sure they are safe before heading out for any short or long distance car journey.

Kids can get bored; very quickly. Preparing your journey to see if there are any stops to stretch their little legs or toilet breaks on the way could help break up the journey for you and the kids.

Bringing some snacks and drinks along with you may distract the kids for a little bit. As we can all get bored on a long journey. 

As kids can get bored pretty quickly, packing some activities may help make it a bit more fun for them, as well as passing the time. You could also pack an iPad for them to play games, listen to music or watch some movies.

What do you do to prepare yourself for a long car journey?

* This is a collaborative post.

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