Having two school kids, I do tend to struggle to make learning fun when they're at home. Both, Mia and Elliw have homework once a week from school which includes reading one or two storybooks too. Although I do find homework essential, I don't see it really learns them that much, and something I do find quite often is they get pretty bored of it and loose concentration quick. We then have to spread out the homework through 2-3 afternoons to get it completed. When I saw Educational Quizzes I was really interested to see what it was all about, after reading positive reviews and having two school children myself, I was intrigued to see it for myself.

Having free access to Educational Quizzes and to review it, I was interested to see how my girls took to it. I first had a good read through it and looked at the quizzes myself. There are so many to do for all ages, whether it's KS2 or GCSE's. There are a lot of subjects to take part in such as English, Maths, IT and much more. The ones I was really interested in my eldest daughter, Mia, to try out was the English and Times Tables in KS2. As she is fluent in her Welsh, she struggles a little with English words. Time Tables are her favourite, and although she's not fantastic with numbers and Maths, she does enjoy her Time Tables.

Both girls lose concentration quickly when they are learning something or busy doing something related to answering questions or copying things down. When I asked them to come on my laptop to try out a few quizzes, they got really excited and couldn't wait. One part of the excitement was because they were allowed to go on my laptop, but the other part is they love quizzes.

All quizzes are created by real teachers. Something I find really good about these quizzes is if your child gets an answer wrong, it will tell you it's wrong and also shows you what the answer is and how. Even if you get the answer correct, it will tell you how too. Educational Quizzes want children/students to understand the questions and answers. All quizzes are fun, easy and educational for all ages. There is a subscription fee of £9.95 which is easy to sign up to and easy to cancel at any time too.

If your child has an exam coming up such as GCSE's, Educational Quizzes would be a fantastic way to help your child revise and not get so bored. They will be learning and revising. I remember when I was a teenager myself, I hated revising. I was bored of revision pretty quickly and instantly lost concentration. I personally think if I saw Educational Quizzes when I was a teenager, I'd have more motivation to revise.

Not only parents, but schools can also use this by paying for the Subscription fee on behalf of the pupils for as little as £2.00 per student. I personally think this would be a fantastic way to get children learning in classrooms and at home if they allow parents to gain access to the site too. I would also think my girls would absolutely love it if a part of their homework each week were a quiz of something they had to learn for a little test at the end of the week.

You can also read Educational Quizzes daily blog here that have some interesting articles.

* This is a collaborative post with Educational Quizzes.
But all words and opinions are my own.

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