I've never been the kind of girl who absolutely loves make up, that may be partly because I was brought up by my Dad. I learnt some make up basics through some friends at school and whatever I watched on TV or read in magazines. Thinking back, I think I only started wearing make up when I was roughly 14 years old, which now I think is quite old for some, I'm not sure. But as a Mum of three now, I do find I go through stages where I don't like wearing it but when I do wear makeup, I feel a lot more productive and motivated to do more things during the day.

I made a promise a couple of months back to make sure that I make some times for myself to do my make up. Whether it was a quick 5 minutes or taking my time. Most of the time it's a quick 5 minutes, but I still do it. I'm slowly starting to build up my make up and I was sent the perfect vanity case by Make Up Fix. The case is great quality and the perfect size to hold all my make up and new make up the I will be ordering in the next few weeks.

When you open the case, it has plenty of storage on both top sides and centre. Perfect for holding any small travel size bottles, makeup brushes or any other makeup you have. With a good grip handle, it's got a durable top quality metal frame, but still lightweight which is perfect for carrying around. There's a soft velvet material on the inside of the case. For £35.99, it's a very affordable and reasonable price. This is the perfect case for anyone who likes makeup or any professionals. Also, check out this article on some awesome beauty and makeup boxes that you can subscribe to.

* We were given this product free of charge in return for an honest review.
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