When I was a child I was quite lucky that my brother and I got on so well. We had a few similair interests and one of the interests we both had was playing on the Scalextric our Dad bought us. We had hours and hours of fun and so when I was contacted to see if I'd be interested in reviewing one, I instantly said yes. I just knew the girls would enjoy it and love it just like I did when I was a child myself. I wish I had filmed the reactions of the girls, especially Mia's, when I walked in with the My First Scalextric box. They both jumped all around the living and screaming with joy. The words Mia said was:

"I am so happy! I have seen that on the adverts, I'm so excited!"

It was so lovely watching them both be full of joy and they were just so excited to help put it together. Silly me didn't read the instructions so I joined them all together the wrong way until I realised it didn't make sense and I picked the instructions up and sorted it out instantly- the instructions are really simple. Mia and Elliw couldn't wait to start racing against each other, I couldn't either. We plugged it in to charge and when we finally built the track, we had our first race. 

The girls were overly excited. They played with it for hours and shockingly there were no arguments- which was great, they had hours of fun racing against each other. When my partner returned home from work, his inner child came out and started playing with the Scalextric too. It was really nice having us all together playing, racing and just having fun. They've played with it every single day since.

We had many laughters with Elliw pressing the controller too much, which meant her racing car went flying off the track. She absolutely loved how fast her car was going, though. Mia loved the idea of the racing and how good she was at it. I loved how much fun the girls were having and watching them both full of laughter with each other. The best thing I do like about this set is how easy it was to assemble and the reasonable price it is- £39.99. 

For the price of £39.99, it's a very reasonable price, as it's much cheaper than the other Scalextric sets and it's a great price to see if your child actually likes Scalextrics or not. But it is also a reasonable price for what it is. Here are just a few other details about My First Scalextric:

★ Very easy to assemble
★ Hours of fun
★ Track is 108cm in length when put together
★ Racing cars are 70mm in length
★ Cars and controllers are colour co-ordinate
★ Great quality
★ Has to be plugged into mains, but my girls got used to it

You can buy yours for £39.99 over at the Scalextric website.

We were given this item free of charge, in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Ha, we put it together wrongly too! The instructions are easy and it's obvious the colours should make a continuous track, but some we still put some pieces in wrong. It's a lot of fun though.


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