How are we halfway through October already? It's crazy how fast this year has flown by. I do think since we've had Freddie, the months have flown even quicker than they did before. We had quite a few busy weeks full of adventures over the weekends in September but not so much during the weekends this month. We've decided to concentrate more on sorting the house out, but more about that in an upcoming post. All three have grown so much in many ways during the last month, Freddie more than anything but the girls have grown in height and looks too.

I've had many people telling me that Freddie is starting to look like a little boy now, not a baby- which saddens me but he's such a funny little chap. He's always full of laughter and so cheeky. He loves waving bye and hello to people, especially the two lollipop ladies that we cross with on the school runs. It's hilarious but so adorable at the same time. He still absolutely adores both of his big sisters, and I don't think that will ever change. All three get up to so much mischieve, and all three are full of cheekiness but in a funny, good way.

The girls had parents evening this week, and that's why I wanted to wait to write this post as I wanted to write about their parents evening on here. They were both good, but we had more of a detailed one from Mia now seeing that she is in Year 3. There are a few things that need improving, and that's mostly English and Maths- they are not something I am particularly worried about, not at all if I'm honest. The reason I'm not concerned about it that much because they've never been taught English through school and she has been learning from me. I know she can speak English really well, considering Welsh is her first language. They don't do English lessons until they reach Year 3, so that's another reason why I'm not very worried. I was also told that she is really kind and always polite, which was lovely to hear. Elliw's parents evening was more to tell us what kind of things they are doing in her year and how she mixes in- which is doing really well. I am pleased with both of their parents evening. They also said she always has a smile on my face- which made me super happy.

They're all so lovely together. I've not managed to take photos of all three of them together this month. So I've just added a few of my favourite photos, the only photos I got of all three was the one below, where neither of them was too keen on lying on the grass. It was hilarious to watch though.

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  1. Each of these photos reflects the sincere emotions of each of you. It is wonderful that you managed to have a good October day.


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