During my third pregnancy, I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding but being very honest, I had no idea what I needed to buy to prepare myself for breastfeeding. I had read a few breastfeeding essential posts but honestly thought I didn't need half of them- which I was right with most. But, one item I didn't buy until a couple of months into breastfeeding was a nursing bra. Crazy right? I honestly thought you could still breastfeeding comfortably by wearing a padded underwired bra- so crazy. I was so wrong. I felt relieved once I bought some nursing bras- there was a huge difference.

One disappointing thing about breastfeeding is how old fashioned most of the breastfeeding clothing is, as well as nursing bras. When Hot Milk contacted me a couple of months ago to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their bras I instantly said yes. What attracted me the most was how they looked. They're all absolutely beautiful. The best thing about them too is that they make you feel good.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy can be a tough time for many. So finding something that's not only comfortable but makes you feel good too is great. I chose the Show Off Black Nursing Bra, and it's so beautiful. The lace detail and the bow in the middle is so pretty and is different to other typical nursing bras. It's a non-wired soft cup bra which is so comfortable to wear. It has an A-frame which is perfect for feeding out in public if you want to be discreet. Other features of this nursing bra:

- Cotton lined straps for added comfort
- The larger cup, the larger the straps are for comfort
- 6 hook and eye extension for ribcage expansion - which is perfect as your breasts can swell up a lot while breastfeeding, especially in the early weeks.
- Simple one handed drop down cups for breastfeeding
- 100% cotton lined cups for skin breathability

Another thing that really stood out for me with this nursing bra was that it's designed with a stretch on the top cup to allow growth, which I think is so handy to have when breastfeeding. In the early weeks your breasts can grow- a lot, sometimes double the size. Especially if you've missed a feed or just get a lot of milk in between feeds. So whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this bra is the ultimate comfortable nursing bra.

* I received this product free of charge, in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are entirely my own.

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