As a family of 5, we use our car most days, especially on the weekends when my partner is off work. Not very often will we go out in the car during the week but on the weekends we tend to go out for a family day out and make some memories. I have always been the one who loves to go out and have a walk or a day out somewhere. My memories of when I was little was my Dad taking my brother and me out for the day on the weekends, and that's what I want my kids to remember when they're older too.

Having 3 kids, the car can get so filthy. Some weekends they are allowed a McDonalds as a treat, and we tend to let them eat in the car. Although we tell them to take their rubbish into the bin when we arrive home, there's bound to be one part of their happy meal boxes, left on the seats or the floor of the car. The car is also full of toys, coats and randomly some shoes too. It's not a place I think to tidy or clean up, but there are ways you can keep on top of cleaning your car and more importantly keeping your car up to date.

It's so important to make sure you keep your car up to date with MOT services and making sure it's safe for the road. There are many centres such as Ossett Tyre House which provide MOT Test in Dewsbury or nearby areas. The last thing you need as a parent (and anyone else) is for your car to fail a MOT and then having to fork out a lot of money to buy another.

Those 5p bags can be handy in some ways, such as using them as rubbish bags in the car. Hide some carrier bags in one of the storage bags, boot or under the seat and take one out for rubbish. This will make the car a lot cleaner and tidier.

Keeping the bodywork of the car makes the car look like new. It can also be something fun for the kids to join in with you too. Get a sponge and warm water, then wash the car. There are special car shampoos you can use too and use some car wax for that extra shine. There are some garages that have car cleaning systems too but if you're not interested in doing it yourself, take it to a car valet and they'll do the job for you.

Be sure to get your car serviced, so it's up to date. It is advised to get your car serviced every 12 months or every 10,000 miles. Prices can vary, but it's always good for you to book your car in for a service incase it needs repairing or some sort.

Every now and then your tyres may need replacing. If you're unsure, you could take them to your local garage to get checked out. It's so important to make sure your tyres are road safety as it ensures that your car handles at its optimum level and also increases safety. These will probably get checked in the MOT and service as well.

* This is a collaborative post. However, all words and images are entirely my own.

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