From the moment we see those two lines on a pregnancy test we prepare ourselves to protect our little ones inside of our tummies. Any little twinge, leak or bleed will worry us, and it's only natural to worry about those symptoms. It's also best to get yourself checked by a midwife to be on the safe side, that is what the midwives are there for, to keep you and baby safe. One of the most common reasons pregnant women see the midwife or go to a maternity unit is because of leaking fluid.

During your first 12 weeks of pregnancy, amniotic fluid will surround your baby in the amniotic sac. This fluid will protect your baby throughout the nine months of pregnancy, or when baby decides, it's time to come out. It plays a huge role in your baby's development such as maintaining a constant temperature around your baby, protects the baby and your uterus against infection, helps lungs, kidneys and the digestive system develop too. It also contributes to muscle and bone development by allowing your baby to move around the womb.

Although leaking fluid is common during pregnancy as it can just be vaginal discharge or urine. Other cases it can be you amniotic fluid which can be dangerous, and you will need to be seen by a midwife to take further step on what to do. AmnioSense are panty-liners that can be worn for up to 12 hours and can tell you if it's your amniotic fluid or not. If it is your amniotic fluid, the pad will turn blue, but it will turn yellow if it's your urine. Another good thing about these panty-liners is the results are stable for at least 2 hours, which gives you enough time to show your midwife. By having these panty-liners, it can sometimes give the accurate diagnosis without the need for a physical examination of the cervix using a spectrum.

By using AmnioSense could save the NHS a lot of money. I was shocked to learn that one single visit to an antenatal unit costs £147 and research shows that 38% of women who used AmnioSense did not have to attend because they were able to confirm that leaks were harmless. AmnioSense will give every pregnant woman a peace of mind to know if the leak is their waters are breaking or if it's just a harmless leak.

Are you pregnant? Would you consider buying AmnioSense?

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