If you’re keen to give your kitchen a brand new look but you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck. Keep reading to discover three top design tips everyone’s talking about that could help you create the cooking space you’ve always wanted.

1. Less can be more
Let’s be honest - getting an entirely new kitchen fitted can be a costly and time-consuming project. So, if you’re not prepared to completely gut your cooking space, why not save yourself the hassle and make a few relatively simple changes instead? With lots of people feeling the financial pinch, frugality is big news is interior design circles right now.
For example, you could install new cabinet doors on your cupboards, or you could choose to swap your countertops. These easy steps could completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, breathing new life into this part of your home. Alternatively, perhaps switching up your flooring will have the desired impact, or simply investing in some new kitchen appliances and accessories. Making smaller changes like these give you the opportunity to improve your cooking space without having to undergo a complete refit.

2. A stylish backsplash is an absolute must
It might not be an area of your kitchen that you’ve given much thought to before, but the section of wall behind your cooker and countertops is a big deal when it comes to beatifying this room. It’s no surprise then that style-conscious homeowners are focussing on adding statement backsplashes. From intricately patterned tiles, to super chic marble, to colourful glass, there are an array of options for you to choose from, so you shouldn’t struggle to find designs that complement your overall decor theme.
Bear in mind that while it’s important that your cooking space looks the part, it pays to be practical too. So, when you’re picking your backsplash design, make sure you go for a material that’s easy to keep clean.

3. Never skimp on storage solutions
Simplicity and minimalism is the message coming from kitchen style experts, so, when it comes to this room, one element you should never skimp on is storage. Leaving yourself short of cupboard space is a huge mistake, so make sure you include plenty of savvy storage solutions. Aside from cupboards and drawers, there are a whole host of other units for you to pick from. For example, if you have a tall but narrow space to fill, you could install a full-height pull-out pantry style cabinet. These units have a slimline design, meaning they are the perfect solution for awkwardly shaped gaps. They don’t require a hinged door either, meaning you don’t have to factor in space around the cupboard when you open it.

For more kitchen design ideas and inspiration, why not check out home decor magazines or photo sharing platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram?

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