With Hallowe’en out of the way, the countdown to Christmas has truly begun! It’s time to shop for mince pies, pull out the decorations from the attic, and deliver our children’s letters to Santa Claus. Of course, we all know Santa needs a little helping hand now and then, so we parents like to take a quick peak at what toys and experiences our children are most craving – just in case we can help.

It turns out we like to help a lot! Online toy shop, what2buy4kids, have produced an infographic which reveals that British adults are Europe’s biggest spenders when it comes to buying festive presents, and second in the world behind Australia. That’s right! We spend more per head than the USA!

It will come as little surprise to most of you that the run-up to Christmas is when we reach deepest into our pockets, but if the average annual spend on gifts per adult of £392 sounds a little steep for Christmas presents, that’s because we don’t stop there. Birthdays are the second most popular event of the year when we parents can’t help but splash the cash on our little monkeys, with 21 per cent of us now preferring to hire an entertainer and 16 per cent investing in pricey decorations.

However, it appears we Brits can’t help ourselves but find other festive occasions to spend our hard-earned money on bringing joy to our friends and family. Almost one-third of us regularly buy presents for Father’s Day, 16 per cent of us bring gifts at a christening, and over a sixth of the population rewards their children during exam season or for doing well at school.
In fact, there seems to be few better times to receive a present outside of a holiday than at the birth of a baby. Not only do over a quarter of us bring presents for the little tike, but 10 per cent of us bring gifts for the parents, too!

Yet, ahead of all of these is Mother’s Day, with almost 40 per cent of the population buying presents for the occasion. Well, with women spending an average of £436 on gifts each year, and men spending approximately £347, it seems fair that we can enjoy our fair share of receiving some nice surprises, too.

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