Oh, my sweet baby boy is growing up way too fast. It feels like a strange but special day for me today too. Two years ago to this very day, I found out I was pregnant with Freddie, my last ever baby. I was 16 days late of my period, and although I had previously had around 5 negative pregnancy tests before this day, I just had the 'feeling' inside of me that I needed to buy a test. That was that the day I found out my little boy was growing inside of me.

He's growing so much as each month passes and learn so much in such little time too. It's amazing how much they learn in little time, isn't it? And how quickly they pick up things. So, as always, Freddie's monthly update...

Nothing much has really changed other than nap times being unexpected each day now. I never really know how long he is going to nap for anymore. It can be anything from half an hour to three hours. It can be a pain at times, especially that his nap times are my working hours during the day. But I'll get used to it, hopefully. Night time sleep is pretty much the same, he sleeps through most nights, wakes up some nights but normally only once. Some evenings he will wake up too but not every evening.

I'm still not sure how much he weighs as I am still waiting for the Health Visitor. I should phone her up, but I always forget up until it's too late to phone her to discuss. However, his chubbiness is definitely going slowly. A lot of people call him a 'big boy' which I'm not so keen on. He may be a little big for his age but he is still fitting perfectly in his 12-18 months clothing, some 18-24 clothes too but not many. He's around size 5 in his shoes, but I do need to get his feet measured again just to be sure.

Development wise, he's learnt a few things again in the last month. He knows how to blow a kiss and understands little things such as when his Dad leaves the house through the back door to go to the van for work, Freddie will run into the living room and climb to the window and say bye to his Dad as he passes - it's adorable. Along with squishing his face up against the window too, of course!

Other little things he is learning is keeping his coat in the right place when I take it off. He understands how to switch the hoover on and off, helps me to carry it when I go to keep it. Also, when he sees that I am getting my shoes to go out, he will run up to me to take my slippers off one by one and keep them by the shoe box - which is something really new that he learns and it's so sweet.

Ah, last month was the last time I mentioned breastfeeding in his monthly updates, and I'm starting to really miss breastfeeding now. They were such special times. But, he still absolutely loves his foods. He's been trying different foods again, but his favourites are still beef mince, pasta and peas. As well as his yoghurt and banana too.

He came home with such a sweet picture that he drew a couple of weeks ago for Halloween. It was adorable. He's still not sleeping properly in nursery, some days no naps at all, not even 10 minutes. There's not much update with the nursery really as he seems to be quite settled there. He still cries as one of us leave him as we drop him off in the mornings, but they tell us he soon settles down.

+ He loves giving high fives to people

+ He most definitely has a mind of his own

+ Loves to give cuddles and kisses

+ Absolutely loves it when my Dad comes over during the week

+ Still loves the outdoors

+ We had a walk on the pier and he was in his glory being able to walk and feel free

+ Love to take his socks off as I'm changing his nappy

+ Absolutely loves bath time

+ He loves switching the washing machine on and off - which is annoying.


  1. Look at that gorgeous little face! What a lovely little boy you have...enjoy all these special moments!#KCACOLS

  2. My son just had his 15 month check up with the health visitor. And he just learnt to blow kisses yesterday! #kcacols

  3. Ahh he is gorgeous! I really love this age as they are so inquisitive about everything! Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again next week. x

  4. Ahh, the washing machine thing . Yep, doesn't really get old that one! #kcacols

  5. Growing up so fast and what great photos! #KCACOLS


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