If you're a reader of my blog, then you will know that I decided to breastfeed Freddie, my youngest, for 15 months until he weaned himself off. However, I decided to bring in formula when he was around 10 months old, so we combi-fed from then on. He only had formula during the evenings, before bed so my partner could help by settling him into bed too. At 16 months he is still fed formula before bed, and so this Milk Monster that we have been given to review has come in really handy.

As most of us know, formula milk can only be left in a bottle for a certain amount of time, roughly up to 2 hours but it all depends on what it says on the back of the box too, so make sure you read that before setting the time on your Monster Milk. There have been a few times where Freddie will only drink a quarter or half of his milk, which then he will probably drink later on but it's always hard to remember how long it's actually been standing for. We have given him fresh milk in the past, which there probably was no need for.

But not only formula milk, it also includes breast milk too. I was unable to pump enough milk for a bottle, so I never had the experience of pumping. However, any milk, formula or breast, can have an increase of harmful bacteria if left for a long period. This is where the Milk Monster comes in really handy. You can add a timer and strap the silicone strap around the bottle/beaker, for you to know how long it's been there and how long is left until it needs throwing away. It glows in the dark and lights up when you press a button too, so there is no need to put your phone light or bedroom light on during night feeds.

The Milk Monster is available in four colours; Pink, Blue, Green and Purple. I decided to go for the Blue, as seen in the photos above and below. Also, what you probably realise is that we use a beaker. Freddie has never accepted a proper bottle, and so we bought a couple of beakers in the hope he would settle for one of those, and this is one of the three beakers he will take. He has one for his milk, which is the one in the photo and the other two are for his juice/water during the day.

- Silicone band
- Straps around baby's bottle/beaker
- Glows in the dark
- Outer shell and band is dishwasher friendly
- Available in four colours
- Splash proof
- Customise timer
- Backlit screen

These are priced at £12.99 which I find a very reasonable and affordable price.

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