The family room is where everyone loves to get together, discuss their day, hang out and enjoy each other’s company. It’s fair to say that a considerable amount of time at home is spent there when not cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in your own bedroom. Because of this, the decoration and furnishing of the family room matter, as the space must be an inviting enough to make you want to spend time there.

Here are a few ideas for making the family room better.

Protection from the Sun

With family rooms that manage to get a good amount of natural light, there’s sometimes a need to reduce the amount of sun shining in to make it bearable once again. This is especially true with second-floor rooms that catch the full blast from the sun during the early to mid-afternoon and don’t begin to cool down until later in the day.
A set of solar shades that pull down is an excellent way to still let some light shine through while blocking out the strongest sunlight to make it more bearable. Solar shades come in many patterns, so it’s possible to pick one with a design that matches the overall design in the room.

Putting Your Feet Up

For many people, getting to put your feet up on a footrest is about pure relaxation. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been on their feet all day or they just enjoy the sensation of elevating the feet up off the floor. Chair recliners are the best option if you find that you want to use a footrest often, which avoids needing to move a separate footrest around (or share it with other people when there’s not enough to go around).
The advantage of a separate ergonomic footrest is that reclining chairs are more likely to malfunction when compared to non-reclining ones, purely because there’s a working mechanism at play and parts that can go wrong from prolonged use. Also, you can choose a footrest that is as plush and padded as you personally prefer, as the ones attached to reclining chairs aren’t always that comfortable.

Paintings Give the Room More Character

Hanging a framed painting or print on the wall adds considerable character to the space, depending on what is depicted in the imagery. There are hundreds of thousands of images to choose from with art that’s now printed at high-quality on a canvas or art paper and hung in an attractive frame.
Whether its personal portraits, landscapes, seascapes, or water-based scenes that put a smile on your face and fill you with happiness, the only issue is picking just one image to get produced, framed, and delivered to your door ready to be hung up.
The family room is, in many ways, the central meeting place for the family or a gathering spot for housemates who share the home. You want it to be inviting, welcoming and inclusive. These are all points that can be addressed with the furnishings, decorations, and imagery that’s hung on the wall(s).


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