I have a lot of memories from my childhood and something I love, is I have memories of playing games with family and friends. Nowadays most games are downloaded as apps on tablets and phones. But there are still tonnes of games out there where you can put down the technology and communicate and have fun with friends and family. Pass The Pigs have some hilarious fun games that are brilliant for parties. I, for one, definitely know that I will have tonnes of fun with these games over Christmas.

Having games that are different to the original kind of games are a lot more fun too. Mia's also getting to the age where she is starting to understand more about board games and although she still tries to make up the rules as she goes along, we can play games much better with her now than we used too. Playing games together brings out the giggles, possibly little arguments between the kids but most importantly, the memories.

Pass the Pigs comes in a handy travel case, pop into your bag and you are ready for a game anytime, so if you are traveling to see family it’s the perfect entertainment on the go. Pass the Pigs Party are ideal for when you want to play with family and friends at Christmas.

Pass the Pigs 
Hours of fun are guaranteed with this exciting Pass the Pigs game. Perfect for taking on the road, the Pass the Pigs game comes in a handy travel case, so there’s never a dull moment to be had!
Pass the Pigs is a game of skill for 2-6 players, it comes with a handy carry case, 2 pencils, 2 pigs and a pocket-sized score card.
Suitable for ages 3+ and available for £9.99rrp.

Pass the Pigs party
·The version for party animals! Now there are EIGHT pigs in the game to play with. Roll your piggies to try and be first to match the position on your card, get bonus points if you do it on your first go! Be the first to rack up 100 points. £14.99rrp.
o 8 small plastic piggies (four pairs)
o Deck of 30 cards

o Carry case

Now the lovely people behind Pass The Pigs are kindly giving away two of their games (the ones mentioned above). If you're interested to be one of the two winners, please read the terms and conditions, then enter the Rafflecopter below.

Terms and Conditions:
1. There are two winners - Winners game will be chosen at random by me (Life as Mum)
2. Winners will be contacted on the 7th of December and will need to reply by the 10th of December so your prize can be delivered to you in time for Christmas. 
3. If there is no reply from the winners within 10 working days, another winner(s) will be chosen.
4. Prize is ONE of the games mentioned above.
5. Winner will need to provide their name and address before the 10th of December, when contacted by me on the 7th.
Giveaway ends on the 6th of December 2017

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  1. Pass the Pigs party sound perfect for the party season!

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  4. Pass the Pigs party sounds like fun.

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  6. Lobe to win Pass the pigs pig party

  7. I would like the Pass the Pigs original game .x


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