Sunday, 26th of November was the last day my little baby boy had his dummy. For some unknown reason, Freddie has all of a sudden stopped taking a dummy and he has been refusing it every since that Monday morning. At first, I thought it was his teeth or that he was unwell, but I think he's just weaned himself off it - which is good as we now don't have to worry about taking the dummy off him when he's older. But not so good as when he cries too much, there's no other comfort to help him calm down other than cuddles from my partner or myself.

Everything seems to be moving too fast. Not long ago he weaned himself off breastfeeding, now off the dummy and he's going through the stage of wanting to do things himself too. He hates sitting in the pram for too long, he loves to walk everywhere, he tries his best to put his shoes on himself and the rest. It's absolutely adorable watching him learn new things and especially, watching him grow up each day and I feel extremely lucky that I'm able to watch him every day. But my god, time is going too fast.

Everything seems to be going too fast recently. He's learning so much and changing so much too. He's so different to the girls, but still so amazing. Cheeky and such a comical little character, he's clingy but so cuddly too. He's definitely changed in the past few weeks and I feel lucky that I am able to watch him grow and learn new things each day as they pass. I feel so proud, of all three of my children. To think he was this small chunky baby 16 months ago. The one who kept me up for most of the night, feeding on demand and constantly wanting cuddles. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Everything is changing. He's so amazing. 

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