How crazy is it that it's nearly 2018? This year has flown by, and I'm pretty sure that each year flies by even faster than the last. The kids are growing too quickly and as they say "the days are long but the years are short" and it's so true. One of my biggest new years resolution for 2018 is to concentrate on the house. I am already putting money aside to start saving for a few things, but I've also started a few things such as painting, decorating and sorting a couple of rooms out, ready for the new year. There are so many things I have on my list to do throughout next year, and I'm really excited to start it and write my journey too.

I'm aiming to re-decorate every single room in the house. By decorating, I mean doing all the painting, taking down wallpaper and painting those walls instead and even changing carpets in some rooms too, especially mine and my partner's bedroom and Freddie's bedroom too. I'm going to look into painting or replacing some Skirting boards too as some have gone really dirty and not so nice over the years. Especially that we still haven't replaced or even painted some since the previous owners were living here.

I've got some kind of theme in my head for the whole house. For our family room, which is the front room of the house, I'm hoping to get someone in to take down the horrible ugly bumpy wallpaper that we have all over the room and on the ceiling (yup, we have a wallpapered ceiling!). Then I am going to paint all the walls, some white and some navy blue. I never thought I'd like the colour navy blue on a wall until I started searching photos of family rooms on Pinterest. I'm also hoping that sometime next year, most of Freddie's toys will be up in his bedroom so we can get some of the room back, which will mean, a lot more space.

Also hoping to complete our hallway and landing. Our hallway is a nightmare at the moment. I'm having trouble finding space to keep all of our coats and shoes. They're just all over the place, and it doesn't give that warm, welcoming feeling when you walk into the house, which I really hate recently. I love walking home to a warm feeling - but right now, that's not happening. I'm also going to re-paint the whole hallway and landing to give it a fresh feeling. The walls haven't been painted since we moved in and I can't wait to completely transform the walls.

This post could go on and on. I could be here for hours to tell you all what I've got on my list to do. But I can save the rest for another day. I'm definitely going to be writing down about each room as it goes. Shockingly, our bedroom is going to be done in January as we are getting a new bed, so I thought it was the perfect time to finish decorating and painting our room - which I am so excited about.

Are you going to be re-decorating your home for the new year?

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