Having two girls, I was super excited when I found out I was pregnant with a little boy. The moment I found out we were expecting our first little boy, I instantly went to a shop to buy a few boy's clothing. It was different but something I had dreamed of for a long time. Before falling pregnant with my boy, Freddie, I used to always have a quick nosy at the boys clothing when I went clothes shopping for the girls. There's just something about boys clothing that I absolutely love.

I am finding it a bit easier shopping for the girls at the moment now that Freddie is growing older but there are still a lot of lovely boys clothes out there. Freddie used to live in babygrows up until he was around 10 months old when he couldn't get away with it as much. I personally find them a lot cosier than proper clothes. I absolutely adore leggings on boys and I couldn't wait for Freddie to start walking so I could start buying him more leggings for him to wear. He had a few in the early months but I didn't see a point spending so much money when he wasn't going to be in them for long.

I'm forever looking online for new clothes for Freddie, especially that he is now growing so quickly and will be needing the next size up very soon. I absolutely love the River Island boys clothing. They're really fashionable and so adorable. I find them reasonably priced too for what they are and their quality of clothing- which is good.

Where do you buy your children's clothing from?

* This is a collaborative post with River Island

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  1. I think for babies and toddlers there isn't a difference between boy and girl clothing is there? I try to shop from places that don't impose gender stereotypes!


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