I have only ever written two income reports which you can read here and here. They were really popular and two of the most popular posts that are read on my blog. The main reason I didn't want to keep writing them monthly was that I don't want people to think I'm bragging on about how much I earn through blogging, my hobby and my job. However, I think it's a little important sometimes to show that you can earn a decent amount through blogging. I know that there are a lot of people who don't seem to quite understand that blogging is my job and I've taken a long time to get to where I am today. It's taken a lot of motivation, hard work and even took me that hard decision of putting Freddie into nursery (more about in an upcoming post). People who work from home honestly do need the same amount of hours as they would have if they were working in an office or a workplace out of their home.

October has been one of the busiest months for me, and there are a few things I've changed and learnt with the month. The biggest change I did in October was I contacted PR's that I had previously worked with and asked if they had any suitable work for me. 90% of them replied and said yes - others either said no or didn't reply at all. There's a few that have given me work for this month, November too and I'm so pleased that on the 1st of November I have already earned over £120.00. I honestly hope it carries on like how it did in October. I am going to make sure it's on my to-do list to contact PRs that I have previously worked with, each month.

Before writing my income for October, I thought I would write a few tips that I have learnt throughout October that may help another blogger earn more money and gain more work;

In the past few months, I have taken great care in taking photos and editing them. I have got my own 'style' in taking and editing photos, and I do like them. I've been praised by a lot of PRs recently, especially during September and October. This has lead to more work which I'm really pleased with. At the moment, my camera is in the repair shop as my lens stopped working. I should get it back next week, crossing everything as I have a lot of photos I need to take.

Stick to deadlines
I have always been strict with myself with reaching the deadlines but before I used to either do it on the deadline date or the day before. However, I have noticed that quite a few PRs do prefer the post to be published a few days before the deadline date- maybe they don't, but I have seen I've gained more sponsored work by doing this.

Putting my hands up  I used to be terrible updating PRs on when a post was going to be published or if something was going wrong or if I was too busy, I used to panic and leave it longer and longer. However, I've made sure I keep updating them, and I have noticed they really do appreciate it.

To-do lists
Every evening that I've worked, I make sure I write a to-do list for the following day. I will then go through the list the following day and tick off whichever one(s) I have completed. I jot down anything from writing a post (personal or sponsored), scheduling social media posts, send invoices and the rest.

- OCTOBER 2017 -

Back onto October's income report. Here is how much I've earned and products I have been given to review:

Total income: £1350.00*

Expenses: £189.97

Total: £1160.03

As well as the money I have earned all through sponsored posts, I have also received 36 products to review. Some products are still yet to arrive.

* I am still due some payments, which will be paid within a few days.

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