Freddie is now at the age where he is exploring everything, and I mean absolutely everything. Anything the girls have, he wants and anything he sees, he wants. When we were sent the Peppa Pig Water Filled Muddy Puddle Mat to review, I knew he would love it just as much as the girls would. He's recently learned how to jump and is getting better at it every time. He loves to copy his big sisters and so when I inflated and filled the mat with water, they instantly started jumper and Freddie tried his best to join in too.

Freddie was amazed at the effect of the mat with all the floating characters moving inside where the water was. Not only jumping, but he was also banging his hands on the mat too, so the characters were moving. He's had so much fun jumping and 'splashing', so have the girls too. This is the absolute perfect gift for any Peppa Pig fan and little ones who love jumping. It's perfect too as there's no mess- so us parents have no cleaning to do.

Setting the mat up was simple. All I had to do was inflate the mat border and then add water through the hole on the back of the mat. I did find it a little difficult with inserting the water into the mat, but it wouldn't put me off in buying the mat. After you have filled to the maximum line or below, it's done, and then your little ones can start jumping, by making no mess- perfect.

The Muddy Puddle Mat is £12.99 which I personally think it's a very reasonable and affordable price for what it is and how much fun your little ones will have with it. Not only is it for toddlers and children to jump, but it's also a great for tummy time for the little ones too. It's suitable from 6 months old and perfect for sensory development.

We were given this item free of charge, in return for an honest review.
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