A few weeks back we were sent the Nickelodeon Experimake Superb Sea Shaped Soaps to review. I instantly knew the girls would absolutely love it. I thought the last day of half term would be the perfect timing to do the little experiment. When I showed both girls what they were making that day - they were super excited and couldn't wait to start experimenting and make their very own soap. The set comes with everything to make up six scented and colourful soaps. There are three different designs included: Seahorse, Fish and Seashell. Mia decided to choose the Seahorse and Elliw chose the Fish.

Firstly, we laid everything out and read the instructions to see what we had to do. The instructions were really easy to understand and so we started. We measured the soap base and put it in the microwave to melt to a liquid substance. The girls were amazed at how quickly it could melt and they could smell a soapy smell. They chose their colours, they had a different colour each and also added some of the vanilla scent into their soap mixture. Once they were mixed well, I helped them pour it into their soap shapes to set for 2 hours. They kept going back an forth checking. The soap did get hard pretty quick, but we waited until just over 3 hours to use it properly. 

The girls couldn't wait to use them for bath time and the soaps smelt lovely. They also shaped really well too. They proudly showed them off to their Dad when he came back home from work. Not only scented soaps but you can also make some exfoliating soap, aromatic herb as well a flower. All you need is some extra ingredients: dried herbs, a dried flower, oats and sea salt. 

The Experimake is available to buy on The Entertainer's website.

* We were kindly sent this product in return for a review.
All words, images and opinions are my own.

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