Few months before I found out I was pregnant with Freddie I was obsessed with working out at home. Whether I did workouts that were on YouTube or making my own planned exercises each day. I did them for quite a few months until something happened that made me stop. I had the urge to start up again, but I found out I was pregnant with my third. I didn't want to risk doing something that my body wasn't used to anymore and ever since I just haven't got back into it. Up until recently, I've had the motivation to start again.

Doing my workouts from home makes me feel ten times better in myself- my body and mind. It refreshes me and instantly puts me in a better mood. I'm also looking into improving with walking outdoors too, whether it's walking the long way to pick the girls up from school or having a long walk with Freddie in his pram during the day- just anything to get me moving. I used to walk roughly 7-8 miles per day for a good while. I remember that good feeling I had, and I miss it, a lot. 

I've been ordering things in ready for me to start working out again and I'm really looking forward to it. I was also kindly sent some fitness clothing from Get The Label, and I'm so pleased with them. I decided to choose some 3/4 leggings that I've always wanted, a comfortable vest top and jacket. The jacket doesn't fit me, yet, but I aim to fit into it in the next couple of months. I've never had any 'proper' fitness clothing before, I always used to wear some cheap leggings and any old top I had. So having some new fitness clothing for the first time is great for me.

I've worn the fitness clothing a couple of times for doing housework and slowly getting into my work out routine, and I'm so pleased with them. They're really comfortable, and I can't wait to fit into the jacket soon. Get The Label has a great range of fitness clothing, from leggings, vest tops, jackets to crop tops. Not only do they have fitness clothing, but they also have fashionable branded clothing for women, men and children too- all at affordable prices. 

I'm going to be starting to write a lot more about my food and fitness, possibly weekly or monthly updates about how it's all going. Hoping it will motivate me to carry on and I'm really excited to see where I will be at this time next year.

* We were kindly sent some clothing from Get The Label in return for an honest review. All words, opinions and images are my own.

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