Once a year my partner and I have had a little break from the kids. Normally around the Christmas period so we can do the Christmas shop but also have a well deserved break. Last year we had our little break a few weeks before Freddie was born and we did the Christmas shopping locally. I've been counting down the day for the weekend just been. Not only was it a break from the kids but it was also time spent with my partner, time to look for Christmas presents and decorations, as well as being in one of my favourite cities ever. I have been visiting Liverpool once or twice a year for about 6 years now and I love it every time I go. I've not been near the Christmas period before and I'm so glad we decided to go there this year - it was so magical and so pretty with all the lights.

We went there a week before the Christmas market which I was gutted about but we would have had no babysitters for the following weekend. The weeks coming towards the Friday we were going, we were both working extra hard, my partner on his normal job and myself with this blog. I've managed to get myself a fair wage and I'm so proud and happy that I managed to save a decent amount of money to go towards staying in Liverpool and spending for Christmas gifts.

We both had such a lovely time. We stayed in a hotel on the Albert Dock which is one of my favourite places to stay in Liverpool. We arrived around lunch time on the Friday and went shopping straight away. Later on in the day we headed to the restaurant to have a drink and food. Afterwards we went to the cinema to watch 'A Bad Mom's Christmas' - which was bloody hilarious! I laughed all the way through it, my partner did too but we both wish we would have watched Paddington Bear 2 - an excuse to go to the cinema again soon, right?

The whole day and night went too quick. The following day we just went for breakfast in the hotel and it wasn't all that great. Afterwards we decided to head off to The Croft retail park which is about 20 minutes away from Liverpool. We spend a few hours Christmas shopping there before heading back home. It's crazy how quickly a day and night goes, isn't it? Although I was super excited to see all three kids again as it was the longest time away I've spent away from them for a couple of years, it was so sad coming back home to reality. It was lovely to let my hair down, no demands, no routine and no one interrupting me when I was talking. It was nice to just feel like 'me' again. But I'm glad to be back home with my babies and I'm looking forward to our little break again next year.

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