Ah! I have been waiting to write my first Christmas gift post this year. I am counting down the weeks for Christmas, and I don't know about you, but I am so excited. For my first Christmas gifting post I'm going to share some amazing pamper and relaxing gifts for Christmas - something every parent needs and non-parents too of course. Looking after kids is hard work, whether you have one, two, three or five (maybe more) and we all need a little break to relax now and then. We don't have to be away from the kids when we choose that time to relax, we could have a hot relaxing bath after the kids go to bed (if they don't wake up).

Neals Yard have a great selection men's gifts for this Christmas - or any time of the year. From Close Shave Cream to Men's Calming Aftershave Balm you are bound to find something for that special man in your life - whether he is your partner, Dad, brother, cousin or even a friend. All of Neals Yard products are natural and organic which is a bonus - as well as being reasonably priced.

Even babies need time to relax, and Neals Yard have a great collection of baby care gifts such as Baby Bath & Shampoo, Pure Baby Oil and much more. Not only the baby but Mums too, they have a great few pampering products for Mums. The perfect gifts for Christmas or even combine both baby and Mother gifts together as a gift for a Mum who's recently or due to give birth to their little one.

If you're looking for more than one products such as collections, they have some Christmas gifts that are perfect for family members and friends. From Wild Rose Beauty Balm, Nourish Hand Cream Collection and much more. If you're not quite sure what someone would like, you could go for a voucher so they can choose what gift they would like.

Will you buying anyone any pamper gifts this year for Christmas?

* This is a collaborative post.

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