Anyone who knows me, know that I always carry a camera with me, if not my camera, I'll have my phone on me. I can take over hundreds of photos in a day, but it's something I am passionate about. My interest in taking photos has grown each year since I was a teenager. Whether it's taking pictures of my kids, or landscapes, I'll capture it. What I try to take pictures of most of all are special moments as a family with my kids. I think it's so important to capture as many memories as you can of your kids while they are young. We all know that kids don't stay young for long, before we know it they'll be adults and possibly have kids of their own.

In the future, I would like to think that kids will show them photos that I took of them when they were little, to their own children. It's crazy to think that might actually happen one day. Really strange but a nice feeling to know that their children will see the things we did and see other relatives that they might not get the chance to meet - which is a very sad thought. Many times my Taid had shown me lots photos of older relatives that passed either before I was born or while I was too young to remember them. He always tells me stories about them and tells me who they were.

Although modern technology is much better nowadays, one thing I do miss is getting pictures printed. I have thousands of photos stored on my laptop, not many are printed out, only a handful. I received a beautiful paper photobook by Popsa not long ago, and I was so pleased with the high-quality photos. It's an app on your phone where you can simply order your own photo book. There's a choice of covers, and you can easily personalise it to your taste. There is a discount code at the bottom of this post if you're interested in ordering one for yourself.

I am going to be ordering quite a lot of these photo books. I was so pleased with the quality and think a photo book is a perfect way to store your favourite photos to show the kids when they are older. Similar to photo albums but printed in a book - there is a choice of paper or hardback. I've got a post planned in a few weeks time related to these photo books. I'm going to take a day or two sort out my photo albums on my laptop to organise photos for the photo books.

Download the app POPSA on your phone and then use the code LIFEASMUM to receive 50% off. Perfect for a gift or to keep it for yourself.

Remember to visit your App store and download POPSA. Simply order your very own photo book and use the discount code LIFEASMUM to receive 50% off! It's as simple as that. 

Discount code is unlimited but expires 31st of December

* I received a product and payment in return for this honest review.
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