Being parents we always seem to get the kid's bedrooms painted and decorated, but our bedroom still seems to be the last on the list. Our bedroom has had one lick of paint and one wall wall-papered for the past three years. However, the girls' bedroom has been decorated and painted 3 times in those 3 years and is currently having another makeover. With our bedroom being the last on our list of things to do, we just never seem to concentrate on it. This is all about to change in January. From January onwards, we will be putting our heads down and concentrating on getting this house done. Starting with our bedroom and I am so excited. 

We are getting a new bed and will be giving the walls a fresh lick of paint and taking down the black and gold wallpaper so we can paint the wall instead. I am really looking forward to seeing our bedroom lighter and feel bigger too - hopefully. I've got all kinds of ideas in my head at the moment, but I do know that it's going to be a dusty pink, grey and a touch of green/mustard colours. I'm really looking forward to brightening it up and putting our own stamp on in the room. We're looking for new carpets too - and I absolutely love the grey colour carpets, so that's another thing on the list of things to do. Here are a few of my tips on creating that perfect bedroom for you -

Add accessories to make it more 'homely' and comfortable. Your bedroom needs to be a room where you feel relaxed and comfortable, a room you can chill out in after a hard days work. You can add accessories to your bedside table, walls or even floors. It can be anything from hanging some greenery on your walls, placing a clock on to your bedside table or some cushions to your bed. 

Your bedroom is a place where you should feel like it brings out your personality. Don't be afraid to mix it up. Add some bright colours or if you're a person who likes plain colours, just go for it. You don't have to go for a particular theme, mix and match patterns and colours. 

Adding a personal touch to your bedroom can make it feel more like 'your bedroom' - if that makes sense? Possibly adding a wall mural where you can upload your own image from It can be absolutely anything, from a photo of your kids or a photo of your favourite animal. 

I absolutely love hanging photos on walls, shelves and desks. Photos make a room feel more personal, and if you're going to mix match things up, you can mix and match the frames by colour and patterns too. Not only photos, but you could also add some prints too. 

I personally find a carpet is a lot cosier in a bedroom than wooden flooring. Also having a rug on the side of your bed also adds to that finishing touch too. But if you do have wooden flooring, possibly adding a rug can make the room feel cosier and warm too. 

The bedding gives that finishing touch to any bedroom. So it's worth looking around for about 3 or 4 beddings that you like and bring out your personality in the room. You could either go for some bright colours, dark or light. If you fancy something more with a touch, there are tonnes of patterned bed covers out there. Not only that, but you could also add a throw and some cushions too.

* Collaborative post with WallSauce.
However, all words and opinions are my own.

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