Do you know how to hire the best DJ for your wedding?

The entertainment industry is growing at an exponential rate and because of the high demand, people are getting more professional in their specialisation and are also charging a handsome amount for their services.

What is difficult is to find a really talented individual from the crowd of average performers because the good ones usually get lost in the crowd or are ignored because of their high-but-deserving rates.

Ask To Know

Your mind might be completely blank or there might be a million questions inside it because hiring a wedding DJ is not an easy task. While some people have budget constraints, some others lack the right resources, but what usually all of them lack are the right questions.

The following is a list of some major questions, which might help you make your decision much faster and informed, leading to a beautiful and fun wedding ceremony:

      Can you meet him before the wedding?
It is the first question that you need to ask your potential DJ, to meet and have a chat with him. This will help you to know him better and same goes for him. This will allow him to understand your nature, which will help him choose the right songs for your wedding. A casual meeting allows you to know a person way better than a formal one.

      What song should be the ‘First Dance’ song?
This is a question that must be on your mind since day 1 because let’s face it, it will be the most important moment of your life. Ask your DJ for suggestions and advice, as he must have been to a few hundred weddings, so he will give you a better choice of options than what you can figure out yourself. Choose your first dance song carefully because it does not matter if you can dance or not, you just have to smile and move on the dance floor with your love.

      What are his charges and services?
This is a basic question, which will allow you to understand if your desired DJ fits in your budget or not. As a wedding DJ is supposed to coordinate with a lot of vendors, ask specifically about his other services as well.

      Can he show you his portfolio?
Look at his experience before you make any final decision. This will help you to know how well he performs and how much experience does he have in the industry.

      What songs does he think should be played at your wedding?
Ask him to give you a rough idea of what kind of songs does he want to play at your wedding and then give him a list of the songs that you don’t want him to play, whatsoever. Precaution is better than a lame chicken dance.

      Does he have a written contract?
A written contract just speaks about the professionalism and adds to the credibility of the performer, so don’t hesitate to ask for one and sign it too, if he is your final pick.

      Can you come to any of his performances prior to your wedding?
If you can see him perform at any other venue, then it is the best thing to make a better decision. So ask him for any gigs that you can attend and accordingly finalise him.

      What equipment and how much knowledge about the industry does he have?
Getting to know the equipment and knowledge will help you understand what kind of performance can you expect from him and how much experienced he is in this industry. The latest equipment with appropriate industry knowledge are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable performance.

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It is not a mystery that you want your wedding day to be the best and most perfect day of your life, but what will make it perfect are your decisions. So take them carefully.

Be informed! Choose Wisely!

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