There are so many baby skincare products out nowadays, and I'm all up for trying new products out. I remember when I heard about the Baby Dove range, and I was super excited to try them out - not just on Freddie, but for the eldest two and myself too. I've been given a few Baby Dove products to try out, and although I have tried some of their products in the past (that were amazing btw), I've not tried these ones that I've been sent. 

Freddie's skin can seem quite sensitive at times, especially this time of year when the weather is colder. He also has awful nappy rashes when he's teething, and I'm always buying sensitive or fragrance-free wet wipes when he does have a sore bum. So although I am all up for trying out new products, as I said above, I am wary about the ingredients in the products and if it's suitable for my baby boy's skin. 

Did you know that baby skin is much thinner than adult skin? It's more likely to lose moisture and therefore is prone to dryness. That's when Baby Dove comes in. Their new baby care products are dermatologist tested, paediatrically approved and safe to use every day, even on newborns. Baby Dove has two ranges which are: Rich Moisture range and a Sensitive Moisture (fragrance-free) range. 

Firstly, I received the Baby Dove Head to Toe wash from the Sensitive Moisture range. It's fragrance-free, and it helps retain your baby's natural skin moisture. It comes in a 400ml bottle with a pump which I find really handy when you're bathing babies and kids. Usually Freddie will share a bath with Mia and Ellie, so having the pump to get the shampoo/bath wash out is one less stressful thing to do. As well as the girls being older, they can also use the pump so they can wash themselves. 

Another part of their range are wet wipes. There are 50 sheets of wipes in their parks, and I received one from their Rich Moisture range and one from their Sensitive Range. Both have 0% alcohol and are hypoallergenic. The Sensitive Moisture wipes are fragrance-free and are gentle as water with immediate moisturising care. I've been using these on Freddie, and they've been great. They're not rough to wipe with and are really soft on skin. They're also suitable for newborns. The Rich Moisture wet wipes, again in a pack of 50, are soft and gentle for your little one's bottom. They are slightly fragranced and have a clean smell. The wipes leave baby's skin moistured and soft - which I have also found on Freddie after using these wet wipes. 

Overall, I am really pleased with these products. I will continue to buy products from the Baby Dove range. Not only do they have these products, but there are also loads of other products available from Baby Dove too. 

* In sponsorship with Baby Dove

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