I am always up for trying to find new things to help my kids stay active, even during the winter season. Many kids these days can be seen stuck behind screens or staying indoors. My middle, Elliw, has only just started to be more active outdoors. It took a long time for us to encourage her to keep active. We've booked them into a couple of classes in the past too, and I am looking into putting them into new classes in the new year. Not only that, there are many other things you could buy kids to help them keep active at home too. There are many ways to encourage and help your kids stay active throughout the year; these are perfect gifts.

There are many gymnastic classes around in many local leisure centres. Not only is it a chance for them to make friends, but it's also a chance to learn things and possibly go higher to higher levels and competitions as they grow older too.

If your child has an interest in dancing or tap shoe dancing, you could buy some children's tap shoes. Tap shoes would be the perfect gift for any child who is involved in tap classes, as well as for children who have an interest in playing with them at home too. It's bound to keep them on their feet. 

If your child loves jumping around at home, a trampoline is a perfect gift. You can buy large ones for the outdoors and smaller ones for indoors. A trampoline sure will encourage a child to be more active during the daytime. I would have loved a trampoline when I was a child.

There are a few different kinds of scooters out there now. You can buy two wheelers, three wheelers as well as trick scooters. My eldest got a three wheeler scooter for her birthday, and it's definitely made her go out more to play. There's lots of fun to be had with a scooter and both my girls ride a scooter to school each morning and back home in the afternoon.

I used to love this when I was a child. Dance mats that plug into a games console or a computer is definitely a perfect gift for any child who loves music and dancing. It will most definitely keep them on their feet and active. 

The perfect gift for toddlers to older children. They can role play for hours with a tent and a ball pit. There are many kinds of different tents you could buy from favourite brand characters to role playing kinds. 

Do you find it hard to keep your kids active?

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