We've been living in our home for over 3 and a half years now, and there's still a lot of things that need changing. We've told each other that we're going to concentrate a lot more on our home throughout next year and I'm so excited to get started. We're going to be updating all the room with a lick of new paint, new carpets in some rooms, accessories and curtains and blinds in most rooms.

If you go here, you will see it is recommended to use brightly coloured wallpaper if you want to brighten up your home, and this is certainly something you can do in the family room to transform it at very little expense. If your kids are young, a coat of paint is great because it’s washable, but if the kids are older a feature wall of wallpaper will create a whole new look that you all love, and which you can change very easily over the years as you all grow and mature.

The family room is one of my best rooms in the house. It's one of the rooms I like to keep updated, whether it's adding new accessories or new throws on our sofas. But there are many other things I wanted to update and change for it to feel more like a cosy family room. A family room is somewhere you should feel like you can relax, somewhere you can chill out in the evenings once the kids are in bed and even a room you feel comfortable in and have fun with the kids during the day. Here are just a few of my tips on how to update your family room;

By adding accessories to a room can transform a room in ways. Accessories help complete a theme for a room. You could add some artificial plants, photo frames, photo prints and any other little trinkets on your shelves, floor or fireplace if you have one. 

Changing the theme of your room can update your family room. Whether it's wallpapering or painting different shades. My favourite colours at the moment are dusty pinks and navy blues. However, you don't have to change the theme to a 'current modern' theme, you do it to your own taste. 

Blinds can help make a room feel more private during the evenings (and daytime if you have them closed or partially-closed). Blinds UK has a great range of blinds. There's a big choice to choose from, and I'm sure you'll find one that will help update your family room and go with your theme.

New Sofas can help change a room and update. Many people have the same sofas for years, whether they were bought new or given by someone. There are many sofas out there these days that you can choose from. Check out these trendy corner sofa bed designs.

Find Ideas online such as visiting Pinterest. Looking for ideas online can help give you a few ideas on how you can transform and update your family room. 

Have you update a room in the house this year? If so, how?

* This is a collaborative post.
All words are my own.

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