It's that time of year where everyone is going mad with Christmas shopping. I personally find online shopping easier in ways, but I always find myself going to the shops so I can see the products in person. Plus, I absolutely love Christmas shopping but it can be so difficult sometimes, especially when the shop is so packed, it can get so hot and that is when I start to lose the Christmas shopping spirit. A few weeks ago my partner and I went to stay in Liverpool for the night. Our reason for staying overnight was to do the Christmas shop. I made sure I packed a few certain bits in my suitcase for me to go shopping. Here are a few of my tips on what to wear for Christmas shopping:

Comfortable footwear is a must. Many occasions I have worn the wrong footwear and I have to end up going to a pharmacy to buy some plasters. Wearing the wrong footwear can ruin a shopping day for definite. Seeing as you're on your feet all day, some comfortable footwear is a must. When I go shopping for the day, I either wear my comfortable boots or trainers. 

Comfortable jacket/coat. Although it can get hot in most shops, especially if it's an overcrowded store, having a jacket or a coat that's comfortable is a must too. Especially if it's cold and rainy outside. If you do get too hot indoors, you could always take it off and hang it on your handbag or put it in the basket/trolley as you walk around. Bellfield clothing have a great range of jackets that are comfortable and stylish. 

Christmas jumper to get into the mood for Christmas! Of course, this isn't a 'must wear' for the Christmas shopping but it does make shopping a little more festive and possibly fun too, doesn't it? I absolutely love Christmas jumpers and they're so comfortable and cosy, which is perfect for this time of year.

Over the shoulder bag is one of my must-haves when I go out Christmas shopping. Not only is it more comfortable to wear than a clutch bag or a side shoulder bag, it's safer too. I find when I'm in a very crowded store, I get really paranoid and tend to hold my bag in front of me. Having an over the shoulder bag is safer and more comfortable when shopping. 

Comfortable trousers - there is nothing worse than wearing skin tight jeans/trousers all day, especially while shopping too. You may want to 'dress up' when doing the Christmas shop and if you do, tights and leggings are comfortable. There are even soft fabric jeans that are more comfortable than certain jeans. But wearing the right trousers to go shopping is a must.

What do you wear to feel comfortable when you do your Christmas shopping?

* This is a collaborative post

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