The first week has flown by, where on earth has it gone? It's strange because each day really dragged, especially Tuesday. That was the worst day of it all. However, all other days weren't too bad - I guess. We didn't do as we'd planned as Mia fell ill around Wednesday time and was poorly each day until Saturday. It's not often she is poorly and the last time I remember her being so poorly, was when she had chicken pox around 2 years old, I was pregnant with Elliw at the time - how crazy is that? Mia's always the one who seems to skip any illnesses, but she was unlucky this week, bless her little heart.

Other than Mia falling ill, the week hasn't been too bad other than that particular day that felt like my world was falling apart. It was nothing serious, it was just a day that I hated motherhood. I'm sure we all get those kinds of days, don't we? Everything I was doing seemed wrong, everything I tried to do just failed and everything I did the kids just wasn't happy or entertained. To top it off, Freddie didn't sleep well at all. In the little time, Freddie did nap, Elliw kept on coming downstairs constantly asking for something to eat or to drink - which is typical her. I felt exhausted. I wanted to school to start back, and I'm not afraid to deny that either. I honestly just wanted to feel human. But I didn't. It was raining outside, but still, I should have taken them out, but I had no motivation whatsoever.

That day over and done with.

The rest of the days weren't too bad. As Mia was poorly, we had to stay indoors and she pretty much just slept and relaxed on the sofa watching YouTube videos on the telly. On Thursday, Freddie went to nursery, and my Dad took the girls for the afternoon. I was unsure of Mia going at first, so we decided to wait to see how she was until my Dad turned up to pick them up. She had perked up a bit and really wanted to go. My Dad said she had a little sleep at his house and they chilled for the afternoon, which was a nice change for them and a nice little rest for Mia.

Friday was pretty much the same - just a relaxing day. However, trying to relax with a feisty nearly-18-month-old toddler is non-existent really, isn't it? After his nap time, he was a handful. Everything I kept, he took out. Here's a list of things he did in 4 hours before my partner arrived home from work:

- Took the pans out of the cupboard about 100 times
- Put the pans in the washing machine 3 times (with clothes on top - lucky I saw the handles)
- Stopped the washing machine 4 times (really need a stairgate for the kitchen)
- Attempted to pour the BIG bag of dry pasta all over the kitchen floor
- Fell straight on his face off a dining table chair
- Tried to climb on top of my desk with printer about 100 times
- Followed me absolutely everywhere - didn't leave me for a minute (no exaggeration)
- He pinched me thousands of times
- He hit Mia's head about 10 times
- Jump on the sofa a thousand times
- Unrolled the foil about 5 times before I kept it away
- Emptied baskets that I have in the kitchen about 100 times
- Stopped the tumble dryer twice
- Screamed when I went to toilet
- Nearly smashed a plate (tried to give it to me)
- Sat on my knee or carried about a million times
- Moaned for mini chocolate biscuits about 100 times
- Coloured my door frame of the living room
- Coloured his face with whiteboard marker that the girls left lying about
- Emptied his toy basket and box about 50 times
- Everything I kept away, he pulled out (I mean, everything)

So yeah, that was my afternoon. It was exhausting. I really wanted to go out, but Mia didn't feel up to it. I probably missed a few bits there. However, It's Saturday now, and I feel much calmer and less exhausted. My partner has taken Elliw and Freddie out this morning and will probably be back anytime from now (It's 1pm). Mia went to her Dads around 10am and will be back home tomorrow. I've had a full morning of getting myself ready and filming a few bits. I'm really excited to hopefully achieve one of my biggest goals of vlogging this year (that's for another post).

So, my first week of 2018 was up and down. I hope you all had a lovely first week of 2018. We are back to routine on Monday and I have to admit, I am EXCITED to getting everything back on track and back to normal. Although, I do love having the girls home over the holidays. Just some days a routine is nice to have, isn't it?

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