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Being a stay at home working Mam I have very little time to be on the phone or doing much else other than looking after my kids, working and keeping on top of the house (it can happen sometimes!). In all honesty, I try my best to avoid any phone calling, main reason being because my anxiety goes into overdrive, but other reasons being I get worried that Freddie will wake up from his nap while I'm on the phone or if I have all the kids around me, they will play up or argue while I'm trying to have a conversation. However, saying all that, I've had some pretty positive experiences with phone calling with a business such as Sky TV and things related.

I had one call a few months ago where the woman was very understanding that I had kids around and she didn't mind me putting the phone down for two minutes for me to do something for my kids, and didn't mind having a noisy background - she told me she understood, as she has kids herself. This experience has happened another time too, but with a man. Good customer service like that really makes a difference and even pushes me more to stay with them instead of cancelling a contract with the company.

I totally agree with this infographic from www.contactcustomerservicesnumber.co.uk/

Here is what I find as great customer service:

Having someone to understand that there are kids in the house. Someone who doesn't get annoyed if I ask them to repeat what they said (more than once). I always tend to feel uncomfortable and not much patience with someone who doesn't have patience with me, with having kids in the background - as I can't help it. 

Show Respect and Be Kind
I am all for good manners - I think it's so important to say your please's and thank you's. Being kind/friendly to someone doesn't cost a thing. I always say - treat people the way you want to be treated. I am always friendly with someone if I phone a business up and I always expect them to be friendly back.

Know Your Job
I have been lucky that most of my call history between myself and a company have been quite positive. When I phone someone up about a product or their service, I do expect them to have the answer - unless it's very difficult. I always like to come off the phone knowing I've got an answer to what I asked. 

Don't Pass Me On
Saying this, I do understand that some places can get extremely busy and I don't mind being 'passed on' or waiting. However, if it's going on for an hour or so, that is when I start to think it's unacceptable keeping customers waiting for too long. 

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