5 Money Saving Tips For Families

When you have children, saving money can be somewhat a challenge. There's always something around the corner that makes saving money difficult. Whether it's paying school meals, trips, uniforms, rent, utility bills and much more. Although having some money behind you, whether you keep it in a bank or a safe place is always good to have, as you never know when you might need it. Whether it's an emergency, replacing an item that's broken such as your washing machine or something. Here are my 5 top money save tips:

1. Write & Sort
First thing is. First, it's always good to write your incoming and outgoing payments. This way you can have a look at where your money is going. There may be some bills you could cut out completely or possibly cut down the outgoing charge. There is no harm in phoning a company up asking for any offers or if they are able to sort out a better plan for you. In the long run, you should find a difference in your bank.

2. Plan Weekly Meals and Prepare
Planning and prepping meals ready for the week is bound to save you money. One day a week, take about half an hour of your time to sit and write a weekly meal plan will help you spend less in the shops when you're out for your weekly food shop. It also makes things easier during the week around meal times. You could even cook in advance and freeze your food in containers, to use throughout the week.

3. Pay Day Loans
Pay Day loans may not be for everyone but could be something to consider if needed. It's always great to look around for the best deals. Cash Lady have great deals on pay day loans even for those with bad credit could still secure a loan.

4. Budgeting
One of the main (and probably hardest) things is to budget your money. Again, take a look at what comes in and out of your bank then take a look at what you can afford and can't afford. This will make things easier in the long run.

5. Save Your £2's
This may be a strange one to some, but I'm sure many do it. Each time you get a £2 coin, save it. Keep it in a pot which you can't open and then see how much you've saved by the end of the year. We did this not long ago and saved over £300 in just a few months. It's worth thinking about doing and great to treat yourself once it's all saved.

* This is a collaborative post

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