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Renovating the bathroom? If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to fret or worry about what to skip over. These are a few ways you can remodel, renovate and achieve the desired look even if you do not have all that much money to spend when you are ready to work on the space.

DIY. This is the case with any room in the home. You can install new knobs, new draws, a new mirror and vanity or you can even upgrade the showerhead. You might want to paint the space as well. Sure, there are some plumbing jobs or new floor installation you possibly can’t do but for the small things do the work yourself and you’ll be surprised how far it’ll go.

Consider alternatives. If you are going to install new flooring, consider a laminate or faux-wood finish. You’ll find many options which look like the ‘real thing’ but are going to cost you ½ or less the price to install in the space. Shop, compare and visit a few stores so you can find a flooring expert which has the desired look for the perfect pricing.

Skip over ‘fancy’ or ‘ornate’. Instead, choose eclectic, or something which isn’t as modern for the space. It will give your bathroom that distinct look and feel and you will find the prices of these items is not nearly as high as the costly stainless-steel, and the latest items you can purchase when renovating the bathroom space.

You don’t have to compromise on the desired look when renovating your bathroom if you know which shortcuts to take. These are a few simple tips any homeowner can rely on when renovating the bathroom, to ensure the desired looks/finish, without breaking the bank to do the remodelling in the space you’re working in. 

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