Freddie’s Teletubbies Playdate

Freddie is nearly 2 years old and my, time is flying by! Quite a few months back he would never seem interested in any TV shows, which was good in one way. However, a few months down the line he’s had a huge interest in a certain two tv shows, one of them being Teletubbies. When I think of Teletubbies, it takes me right back to when one of my younger brothers was little and used to love watching it.

I am sure everyone knows the Teletubbies and the popular colourful characters, Tinky Winky, Lala, Dipsy and Po! We were recently asked to host a #TubbyPlaydate and I thought it would be perfect for Freddie and I. For Freddie so he can have some fun with his friends and for me, so I could have a catch up and a decent adult conversation – which is amazing when you’re constantly around children all day, every day.

I invited one of my friend's little girl to come along. She is only a few days older than Freddie and loves Teletubbies, just like Freds does. Tubby Playdates are super fun and a great way to gather toddlers together to be creative and have fun, but learning at the same time. The Tubby Playdate Packs are full of creative ideas to make the perfect Teletubbies playdate.

The pack included lots of creative ideas, one being, making their own Teletubbies headbands which were super cute. It was simple to make too which is a huge bonus when little ones are waiting. Freddie’s friend loved wearing her headband. There are lots of different activities to do that included, painting, colouring and cutting. They enjoyed colouring their own Teletubbies banners with their very own Teletubbies crayons.

Are you going to host your very own Tubby Playdate? 
You can get your very own Tubby Playdate pack here.

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