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Every now and then I find myself writing these ‘life lately’ posts. My main reason writing these kinds of posts is because I have either seemed to struggle to balance work and family life, another being I feel like I need to shout out how I’ve been feeling recently. My blog and sometimes social media seem to be my therapy when I struggle. I’m not sure how and I’m not sure why.

It’s been five years since I started blogging and I’ve come a long way since I started. It’s absolutely crazy to think my blog has come this far and shockingly (and luckily) my blog is now my job too. But to balance that around my children, around me, housework, friends and just life in general, is hard. Everything can get on top of me at times – most of the time. I either take too much work on, or I struggle with parenthood.

I’ve been struggling with a few things these past months. All related to friends, negativity, my family, lack of confidence and more. But this is where I’ve been changing the past few months too. I’ve been learning myself to be more positive, and that helps me to be more confident too. Whether I’m going out in public wearing something out of my comfort zones such as a brightly coloured top or even a dress. Pushing myself out there, stopping myself being just a ‘background’.

Everybody is worth something. No one deserves to feel unloved and unwanted. Everyone has the right to be confident in how they look, feel and do. But it can be a struggle. I struggled with depression and anxiety after my first and second, it then came creeping back a few months after my third baby too. Mental Health is something that’s talked about a lot more now than it used to years ago.

Depression has changed me a lot. It’s changed in how my mind works and even how I look. When I suffered with depression, I struggled with eating. I overate – which is a bad thing too. I’m paying for it now, and I’m trying to lose weight – again. Not just eating wise, it changed me in how I felt towards others and how I felt towards life. My mind was negative, and I rarely saw the positive side of things.

That’s where I’ve been learning myself to think more positive about things recently the past few months. It’s helped me, and although it was hard, to begin with, it’s helped me a lot. It’s helped me see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. I am not saying this stops depression. I am talking about this in my own experience and what I have been doing differently in my life recently.

Thinking positive thoughts have helped a lot. It’s made me happier and calmer. It really is true when they say that the more you think of the positives, the negativity starts to fade away. This was a quote in a book I was given by the lovely Chantele over at Two Hearts One Roof. Surprised one morning that I received this wonderful gift. It was unexpected, and it honestly helped me and cheered me up throughout the day.

Kindness these days is something you don’t see often. You’ll get the occasional ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ but to send someone a gift to cheer them up or giving someone a hug, or anything kind to help others, isn’t seen much these days. But it can change someones day from being bad to good. Kindness is something we should all be doing more of.

-I just want to say a huge thank you to Chantele who gifted me this wonderful book. It’s an amazing book and has definitely lifted my confidence and helped me think more positive about things. 

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