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Joining a group, whether it's a fitness class, local parenting group or your local weight loss group can be scary but joining a Slimming World group isn't as scary as it sounds. I personally found joining my local group with a friend helped boost my confidence. However, I have re-joined on my own and have always had a warm welcome. But if you are a brand new Slimming World member and have never been to a group before, you might have no clue about what actually happens in your first meeting. On this post, I will be talking about everything that happens in your first meeting - along with some quick tips.

Find a voucher
If you can, find a voucher in a magazine before you join. However, if you are feeling motivated and ready, don't delay! Join there and then, as you might lose motivation to start the plan and stick with it if you just hang around and wait for a voucher. Vouchers are sold in many popular magazines that will let you join for free, leaving you with just £4.95 to pay.

Finding your local group
If you are unsure of which group to join or how to find your local group. Visit the Slimming World website and type your postcode. Then you will have a list of groups near you, with all the times and the names of consultants. Also, every now and then you may receive a leaflet through the post.

Warm welcome
When you join a group, you are more than likely to be given a warm welcome by the consultant. You will then be asked to sit in the 'new members' corner, which the consultant will sit down and talk through the plan with you. The consultant will give you your very own pack which will contain your main Slimming World group, some food diaries and a couple of other books that are handy to help your journey. You will be talked through the whole plan in the book and it will take roughly 20-30 minutes. You will be asked to fill in a form with your details so they can register you as a member. Afterwards, the group will start.

Part of the group
You will be asked to be seated with the rest of the group. The first meeting is like a taster group. You can see how the group works and possibly gain motivation and inspiration from other members. It's a good way to start making friends too, seeing as you're all on the same journey - to lose weight. The consultant will go through each member who has weighed and stayed. The members will have a chance to talk about their week, share their favourite meals and so on. By being part of the group, you will be making friends too. You might even start making friends in group that will bring a friendship out of the group too. If you're looking to step up your game for weight loss, you could always do some exercise with a friend, have some ideas on what are the 10+ couple excercises.

After the group has finished
After the group has finished you will be asked to come and pay, pick up your card and be weighed. The weight you are in your first weigh in is your 'start weight'. You will then be asked what you'd like your target weight to be, and you will also be told what your Club 10 is which is 10% off your body fat.

You will also be given a pin code which lets you gain access to the members' website on the Slimming World site and app. It's a great way to help you stick to plan as it's full of syn values, recipes and much more.


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