Special Ways To Remember a Loved One

Losing somebody you love, whether it's your partner, child, friend or a family member, is heartbreaking. We always try and think of all the happy memories and the heartbreak of knowing we will never hear their voice, see their face or hold their hand again is hard to get used too. However, we all grieve in different ways and we all deal with things different ways too. But something we all tend to do is do something in memory of that person who we have lost. Here are just five special ways you can do to remember a loved one:

Memorial Bench
Having a memorial bench can be somewhat a peaceful way to remember your loved one. Having the bench somewhere in your loved one's favourite place and being able to sit down and just have a moment to remember all the good and lovely times can help you grief in peace. Sloane & Sons have made an infographic to help you what to write on a personalised plaque for a memorial bench.

Name a Star
Again, this could be another peaceful way to remember your loved one. Naming a star after your loved one is a beautiful thing to do and nothing is better than laying on the grass, at night, looking up at the stars.

Photos On Walls
Having photos of your loved one on the walls is another way to remember. Especially if you have children or grandchildren, you can remind them who the loved one was, even tell them happy memory stories.

Photo Album
Having a photo album dedicated to your loved one who has passed away can be hard to look through, but it can also bring out some happy memories too and lots of stories.

Light a Candle
You could light a candle each year and at other special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, New Years and their birthday, in remembrance of them. There are many candles you can personalise, to make it even more special and unique.

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