Balancing Motherhood and Work Life with Filofax

Trying to balance parenthood and work life, especially if you work from home, can be difficult – very difficult. My blog is now 5 years old, and it’s now my job. Never did I think I’d be lucky enough to make my blog my job and be able to work from home around the kids. Although I do feel extra lucky that I’m able to work around my kids and that I’m able to go to their parents evenings, sports day etc., I do find it difficult to balance both lifestyles out.

Being someone who’s experience working out of the home and working in the home, I do believe that working in the home, around the kids is more difficult. But that may be because I’ve got three kids now and not just the one, like I did when I worked in a Nursery. Sometimes everything can get a little too much and it’s good to take a little break. I’ve not long taken a break myself. I tried my best to finish some work bits, but had to log myself out for a few days to refresh my mind with work and life in general.

As well as motherhood, I try my best to stick to plan with Slimming World. By doing this I write everything down and a book I’ve been using to write my food plans down is the Filofax A4 notebook. I also write any shopping lists, any work deadlines or anything life related that I need to do. Something I really like about the Filofax notepad is it has a clever feature, where you can easily add new pages or remove pages without having to rip the pages out. You can easily sort your notepad out into sections with added accessories. A handy moveable page marker is in the notepad too, which can also be used as a ruler.

I’ve always been a girl who loves notepads. I write and make silly drawings, just to either pass the time or just to be ‘me’. When I write, I feel like I’m in my own little world. It relaxes me and being organised helps me throughout the day too. I am really bad at getting stressed out too quickly, so having something that helps me through the day, is great. I always keep the notepad on my kitchen counter. This means I can write down everything I eat (to help me stick to the Slimming World plan) and look through my to-do lists throughout the day too.

Trying to balance motherhood and work life can be very difficult. Harder than what you think. It can drain you, but having some organisation there really does help you de-stress and not worry too much. Having a notebook to write everything down and to be organised really helps too. 

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