Little Tikes Trike - Afternoon Walk

Finally, the weather is getting better. We had a week of gloomy weather but the sun is shining back again, and that means more outdoor adventures. Freddie absolutely adores the outdoors and is forever playing in the back garden and gets all excited when we go out for a walk. We’re quite lucky that we live near a cycle track that’s lovely to have a walk. We’ve had many walks on the cycle track, letting the kids go on their bikes, scooters or run around.

We were given a Trike from Little Tikes for their Tour De Trike campaign. I decided to go for a walk on the cycle track with Freddie his new trike and the girls on their bike. The girls love their bikes recently, and Elliw can finally ride a bike with no stabilisers, and we are so proud of her. The trike was so easy to push around and move around. I love the fact that it’s 4-in-1 which means It’s suitable from 10 months up to 5 years. I always look for something that will grow with the child, and this trike definitely will last for years.

It has a detachable hood, safety straps, parent handle, storage tray holder, basket, bottle holder and more features. The one thing I love about the trike is the feet rest. There’s space for their little feet to rest and stops them putting their feet on the front wheel – which can be annoying! You can also remove this as they get older, as well as removing the extra back of the trike seat and parent handle.

We went for a walk after school one afternoon, and the sun was shining, and it was super warm. Freddie was shouting for the sheep and shouting ‘meh!’ – his new thing recently. He loves his animals, so he got even more excited when he saw some cows the further we went. All the kids were giggling away, the girls have races with each other and Freddie laughing along at them passing him. Walks like this are times I feel so grateful and happy. Making happy memories with the kids really is the best. The weather just makes it even better. We are so excited for more adventures with the trike.

Where are your best adventures?

* We were given this product as part of getting involved with the Tour De Trike Campaign with Little Tikes. However, all words, images and opinions are our own.

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  1. Aww this looks like so much fun for little ones and I really like that it grows with them :) We tried one out with my youngest daughter at the Little Tikes Press Event in London and she feel in love!


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