Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear and Friends

Mia, my eldest daughter, has always had a couple of favourite teddies. Ever since she was a baby, she would get easily attached to a teddy that she absolutely loved. She would take them with her on days out, in her bag to nursery, in the car and snuggle up in bed with. I've never had a problem with thinking of gifts for her as still now, at the age of 8, she still loves her teddies and has her few favourites.

Mia reminds me so much of myself when I was younger. I used to love teddies but had my favourites. They weren't just teddies, but they were my friend too. I'd talk to them, cuddle them and they were just a huge comfort for me, the same what Mia thinks of her teddies too. But even now, I have a couple of teddies in my bedroom, at the age of 25. No one is never too old to have a teddy!

A soft toy means a lot more than just a plastic playset toy, in my opinion. I find they're more thoughtful and the child is more likely to absolutely adore the soft toy over a one-time plaything like plastic toys. The soft toys that are out at the moment that are inspired by the upcoming Disney movie, Christopher Robin. I am sure all of you have heard of the classic Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet too. There's the most adorable collection out now just in time for the movie release date, 17th August 2018.

The adorable collection from Posh Paws Inspired by the new Disney movie, are so soft, fluffy and super cuddly. They have a vintage, heritage style look and are just the most adorable soft toys. They are available to buy from Debenhams at reasonable prices and different size (Prices start from £8.99-£29.99)

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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Range Review

Freddie is at the age now where he loves playing with interactive toys. So when we were offered to review two of the new Fisher Price toys from the Laugh & Learn range, I knew Freddie would absolutely love them. I’ve always been a big fan of Fisher Price toys, they’re excellent quality, worth the price and colourful too. Not only that, I personally find that Fisher Price toys grow with your child from an early age. Their toys make learning super fun that the kids don’t even realise that they are learning.  

The first toy from the range is the Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set. It comes with an interactive teapot, that sings, spout lights up in different colours and makes sounds when you “pour” the tea out. The set also comes with a tray with a sugar pot, some different shaped cakes, spoon and two pink teacups.

Something I love about Fisher Price toys is their Three Smart Stages because the toys will grow with the child. The different levels help teach your toddler advanced shapes, numbers, manners and expanded vocabulary.
Freddie absolutely loved this toy, he loved making us cups of tea but pretending to add sugar in our teacups then “pouring” the tea out. He loves it when the spout of the teapot lights up in different colours and starts singing. It’s great for roleplaying, learning and also sharing.

RRP £22.99

The next product we received was the Laugh & Learn Puppy’s, Check-Up Kit. This is a new Fisher Price toy this year, and it’s great for role play. There are over 60 songs and phrases which introduce your child to different parts of the body, colours, healthy habits and more. It’s an interactive Check-Up kit and comes with check-up items. Again, this has Fisher Prices’ Three Smart Stages, which makes this toy grow with your child.

Freddie has loved playing with this Puppy’s Check-Up Kit. He’s been carrying it around by its handle and giving us all check-ups as well as giving Puppy his check-up too. The pieces store on the check-up kit easily, great for keeping away.
RRP £26.99

These two toys are suitable for ages 18-36 months, and I would honestly recommend them. They are a great way to make learning fun, and I love the fact that they grow with your child, using their Three Smart Stages. They both have lots of different sounds, songs and phrases that Freddie loved and still loves. He has been making us cups of teas many times a day on a daily basis ever since we received these products.

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Framing Those Special Photos with Red Candy

Blogging is my main reason I forked out to buy a decent camera a few years back, and a couple of years ago I upgraded. I am already thinking about upgrading again but at the moment I’m happy with what I have, and I have some exciting plans for the future related to photography. Right now, I am loving the fact that I can bring my second hobby into my job/hobby, blogging. I have a huge passion for photography, and I do think I have improved over the years.

I try my best to capture as many moments as I can with the kids. I personally think it’s always nice to capture at least one photo a day, whether it’s using your phone or a camera. It’s always lovely to look back on and the thought of being able to sit down with my kids’ own children, (if they ever have any) and looking through what their parents did when they were younger. As well as looking back at younger photos of my partner and myself. It’s strange thinking about it now, but one day it will happen.

Not only looking back at photos but right now, I’m all for hanging photos up in the house. We are undergoing a lot of makeovers in our home, and I can’t wait until we are somewhat finished. It will never feel complete, but one other biggest passion of mine is decorating. I love placing photo frames in the right places on walls and shelves, organising photos and little accessories over the house. I’m slowly getting used to printing photos out once I’ve imported them onto my laptop from my camera.

This stunning photo frame from Red Candy really does sum me up. It’s in an Instagram style frame, and I am a huge fan of Instagram, anyone who knows me will know that. I loved trying to sort out a theme for the frame, but also placing some of my most recent favourite photos in there. Right now the frame is in our living room with a couple of plants and accessories. It’s fantastic quality, and it’s going to look great on the wall once I have decided the right place for it.

Red Candy sells some amazing unique products for such reasonable and affordable prices. Their products are great for anyone who’s looking to add a touch of unique to their home. I’ve got my eye on a few of their products for the girl's bedroom which I am currently doing a big makeover too.

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Celebrating Friendship with Baby Annabell

When I found out my second child was a girl, one of the first things I was excited about was Mia, my eldest daughter, would have a best friend for life. I've always wanted a sister close age, to do make up together, get ready together, go shopping and all the rest. So to have two daughters who are close in age is something I absolutely love. Although they do argue a lot these days, they are still the best of friends. They do mean the world to each other and the lookout for eachother is just the sweetest.

We were sent a Baby Annabell to celebrate friendship. We were also sent a card for Mia to colour in and give to her best friend, her sister, Elliw. There were also two bracelets with the words 'Friends' written on them which were lovely. Having a friend is so important for a child, having someone there to play with, share ideas and emotions.

Friendship is so important in a child's development. It can bring out happiness, positivity and help improve your child's self-confidence. Having a friend to rely on and grow up with is a great thing to have in life. One to share your stories, memories and laughs with. Mia and Elliw have had so many memories together, and they've got years more memories to come too.

They spent some lovely quality time together, sharing Baby Annabell, by chilling out and watching their favourite tv shows. Not very often do they have 'chill-out time' as they are always on their feet somewhere. Cosying up on the sofa, taking in turns feeding Baby Annabell, was so lovely to see. They both absolutely love Baby Annabell and haven't stopped playing with her since they got her.

Does your little one have a best friend?

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Family Fun Evenings at Greenwood Family Park

Last Thursday we were invited to the first opening of Greenwood’s new evening summer event, Family Fun Evenings. They are open 6pm until 9pm, every Thursday until the 30th of August. It’s full of fun activities for the children, but also for the adults too. Mums, Dads, grandparents and friends will have just as much fun as the kids are having with everything that is going on there.

When we arrived at the park, we had a lovely welcome from the members of staff. They were all entertaining, friendly and fun. They were singing songs, making funny noises and just very welcoming.  We were given a paper with the map and the timings of the entertainment which was helpful. It also let us know where the entertainment was going to be in the park.

All the supervised rides will be closed during the Family Fun Evenings, however, needn’t to worry as there is so much going on, the kids won’t miss it. There’s lots of entertainment, stalls and the playareas and playgrounds are still open, as well as the soft play area and the mini karts. As fo,r the entertainment, there’s some great and hilarious entertainment at the Forest Theatre, full of games and dancing. Elliw absolutely loved it, and it was nice to all the kids having fun and getting along with each other.

The entertainment was great for the kids, but also great for the adults too. There are food and beverage stalls, some include Celtic Brownies, Maggie’s Exotic Foods, and Cocktails on Wheels along with some great live music. There were also some other great stalls too, I really liked how they were all local businesses – great support.

Not only stalls but other entertainment was Dr.Zigs bubbles that all the kids really enjoyed. Freddie was in his glory chasing and trying to pop all the bubbles. As well as bubbles were some circus entertainment too. There was also lots of circus equipment such as hula hoops and stilts that the family could use and enjoy. More fun to add, there was a face painting stall, arts and crafts table and an art workshop.

My kids fully enjoyed themselves, so did my partner and I. It’s definitely an evening to remember, and I would most definitely recommend a visit. Nearer the end of the evening, there was a disco in the Forest Theatre. There was a lot of music, games and dancing. Again, the staff were great and so entertaining.

Prices to go to the Family Fun Evenings are £5.00 per adult and £2.50 per child.

If you would like to find out more about the event or the park itself, you can visit Greenwood Family Park website for more information.

We were invited to the opening evening free of charge in return for an honest review. However, all words, images and opinions are entirely our own.