Celebrating Friendship with Baby Annabell

When I found out my second child was a girl, one of the first things I was excited about was Mia, my eldest daughter, would have a best friend for life. I've always wanted a sister close age, to do make up together, get ready together, go shopping and all the rest. So to have two daughters who are close in age is something I absolutely love. Although they do argue a lot these days, they are still the best of friends. They do mean the world to each other and the lookout for eachother is just the sweetest.

We were sent a Baby Annabell to celebrate friendship. We were also sent a card for Mia to colour in and give to her best friend, her sister, Elliw. There were also two bracelets with the words 'Friends' written on them which were lovely. Having a friend is so important for a child, having someone there to play with, share ideas and emotions.

Friendship is so important in a child's development. It can bring out happiness, positivity and help improve your child's self-confidence. Having a friend to rely on and grow up with is a great thing to have in life. One to share your stories, memories and laughs with. Mia and Elliw have had so many memories together, and they've got years more memories to come too.

They spent some lovely quality time together, sharing Baby Annabell, by chilling out and watching their favourite tv shows. Not very often do they have 'chill-out time' as they are always on their feet somewhere. Cosying up on the sofa, taking in turns feeding Baby Annabell, was so lovely to see. They both absolutely love Baby Annabell and haven't stopped playing with her since they got her.

Does your little one have a best friend?

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