Framing Those Special Photos with Red Candy

Blogging is my main reason I forked out to buy a decent camera a few years back, and a couple of years ago I upgraded. I am already thinking about upgrading again but at the moment I’m happy with what I have, and I have some exciting plans for the future related to photography. Right now, I am loving the fact that I can bring my second hobby into my job/hobby, blogging. I have a huge passion for photography, and I do think I have improved over the years.

I try my best to capture as many moments as I can with the kids. I personally think it’s always nice to capture at least one photo a day, whether it’s using your phone or a camera. It’s always lovely to look back on and the thought of being able to sit down with my kids’ own children, (if they ever have any) and looking through what their parents did when they were younger. As well as looking back at younger photos of my partner and myself. It’s strange thinking about it now, but one day it will happen.

Not only looking back at photos but right now, I’m all for hanging photos up in the house. We are undergoing a lot of makeovers in our home, and I can’t wait until we are somewhat finished. It will never feel complete, but one other biggest passion of mine is decorating. I love placing photo frames in the right places on walls and shelves, organising photos and little accessories over the house. I’m slowly getting used to printing photos out once I’ve imported them onto my laptop from my camera.

This stunning photo frame from Red Candy really does sum me up. It’s in an Instagram style frame, and I am a huge fan of Instagram, anyone who knows me will know that. I loved trying to sort out a theme for the frame, but also placing some of my most recent favourite photos in there. Right now the frame is in our living room with a couple of plants and accessories. It’s fantastic quality, and it’s going to look great on the wall once I have decided the right place for it.

Red Candy sells some amazing unique products for such reasonable and affordable prices. Their products are great for anyone who’s looking to add a touch of unique to their home. I’ve got my eye on a few of their products for the girl's bedroom which I am currently doing a big makeover too.

We were gifted this product in return for an honest review.

All words, images and opinions are our own, as always. 

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