10 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

If you are live in the UK right now, then you are probably experiencing this mini-heatwave we are having. Shockingly, North Wales had the hottest day in the UK on the 27th of June - but as nice as it is having blue skies and the sun out all day, every day, it's still so important to make sure our little ones are kept safe during this heat. Babies and young children can get ill with the hot weather due to dehydration, heatstroke and heat exhaustion. There are many ways you can keep your child safe during this hot weather, whether you are taking them outfor an adventure or doing some garden activities, here are ways you can keep their skin sun safe:

1. Always cover in sun lotion
This is pretty much an obvious one for everyone. There are many different factors to choose from when you're looking for the right sun cream lotion. It's recommended to find the 5 star and a 50 factor for kids. I've always been a little fussy as what kind of sun cream to buy as anything sticky on my hands makes me a bit ill (weird I know). Bioderma have a great range of sun cream lotion for kids (and adults). They have a factor of 50+, and you are able to use on your face and body. There are a few choices; sun cream, sun foam or a spray cream. We have used these for the past few days on the kids and on ourselves, and they have really helped us from burning with this heat.

2. Cover them up with light clothing
Probably one of the easiest ways of not letting them burn with the sun is covering them up with light clothing. Not black or dark clothing as that will attract the heat. If you either don't have sun cream lotion or if you want to properly protect your child from the sun, a light cardigan or a light long-sleeved top with either 3/4 leggings or trousers can help protect them. Also, getting them to wear sun hats can help prevent their heads from burning.

3. More time indoors
As much as many of us love to be outdoors in this sun, sometimes it's safer and sensible to stay indoors when the sun gets too hot. Especially with little ones as their skin isn't as strong as ours. If you are outdoors, try to use a sunshade or play in a shaded area, so the sun isn't directly on your child's skin. However, you can still get sunburn even if you are in the shade.

4. Keep them hydrated
This is very important. We're all bound to get even more thirsty with the hot weather so keeping the little ones hydrated is so important. Keeping a cold bottle of water or diluted juice in the fridge for your child to drink every now and then could help them cool down a bit.

5.  Keep them cool during night time
Night time can be a struggle for many parents as bedrooms can be too hot and there's nothing worse than trying to settle in a hot room on a hot day. There is a guideline on how to dress your baby/toddler at nighttime when it's hot, and it's important to follow the guidelines as we don't want to overheat them. If your little ones are like my youngest, who won't sleep without his sleeping bag, then the Antipodes sleeping bag is made out of mirena wool which is perfect for all weathers. As for young and older children, they can sleep in shorts or just underwear to help them keep cool during the night.

6. Cool their bedrooms
In my house, the bedrooms are the hottest rooms and to prevent them from getting too hot and uncomfortable, I don't open the curtains during the day. This helps stop the heat getting in, and although it's not completely cool, it does make it cooler than it would be if the curtains were open. Also, having a fan in the room to keep the temperature down can help a lot.

7. Dress your child appropriately
You don't want to overheat your child in the day and then yet again, you don't want them to get burnt. As said above, if you want to cover your childs, legs and arms, you can put them in light clothing that will prevent them burning, but do make sure that the material isn't too thick and only a very thin material - depending on how hot it is. If you don't mind skin on show, plaster them in sun cream, and there are many gorgeous summer clothing out there these days for kids.

8. Ventilate your home and keep it cool
If you have a loft hatch, open it! It will help keep your house cooler. As well as opening all your windows to allow a breeze to come through.

9. Do not leave them in hot cars
This is so important when it's hot outside. Never leave your child in a car for too long without air con. If you're thinking of popping to the shop and leaving your child unattended - DON'T! Take them with you. It's better to have a stressful 5 minutes in the shop, instead of going back to the car with your child in the back being overheated.

10. Water play and cool baths
As part of keeping hydrated and cool, giving your child plenty of water play whether it's outside or indoors can help keep them cool. Having a paddling pool in the back or even a bucket of water can make your child feel a little cooler. As well as water play, giving your child a refreshing cool bath is something your child probably wants after a long hot day.

Fellow blogger Motherhood: The Real Deal has also written a post sharing her top tips for a day at the beach.

I asked a few fellow bloggers what they do to keep their children safe during the hot weather. This is what they said:

Adrienne from Working Mum Cambridge said: "I always have a water bottle filled and accessible so my son always has a drink near by and keeps hydrated. He drinks far more on hot days. He also always wears his wide brim sun hat when out and about"

Beth from Twinderelmo said: "A UV tent is a great way to keep them cool and safe from harmful rays while playing out in the sun, so they don’t miss out."

Luschka from Diary of a First Child said: "Keep the curtains closed in their room so come bedtime it's not sweltering, and they can get to sleep more easily."

Hayley from Miss Many Pennies said: "I always try to keep them in the shade as much as possible while we’re outside, and if we’re home, we go inside for the middle of the day while the sun is strongest. Cool baths in the evening seem to help too."

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