Party Popteenies... When Everyday's a Party!

Everyday's a party... and you're invited! 

If you have kids that are the same age as my eldest two, Mia and Elliw, then they will absolutely love these super fun and adorable Party Popteenies. They are most definitely the most fun collectables around right now, and I am sure these will become very popular super quickly. The girls were given a few items from Party Popteenies to review and just by looking at the packaging, they were really excited to see what they were.

The Party Popteenies Surprise Popper is a super fun way to find out what Party Popteenie you will have. By twisting the bottom of the popper, your Party Popteenies will pop out with a whole bunch of sparkly fun confetti! My girls were so excited and couldn't wait to pop open another Party Popteenie. There are over 25+ Party Popteenies to collect, there are three different themes to collect: Rainbow Unicorn, Cutie Animal or Winter Wonderland. Each doll has their unique style, and each Surprise Popper comes with a blind bag with a surprise accessory.

 Double Surprise Popper is just like the Surprise Popper but double the fun and double the confetti! When you pull the two poppers apart, you will see your first surprise. Lots of new accessories and then you do the usual pull, twist and pop each popper to reveal which Party Popteenie you will have to add to your collection. Mia's Surprise Popper popped out a Swan, and she was so happy.

The Party Surprise Box was packaged really nicely, and the girls were so excited. There were lots of accessories in this pack, along with party decorations and the girls have been re-using this packaging and using it as a playset and a way to keep their Party Popteenies. There's also a mini popper included in the Party Surprise Box that has some confetti in too.

The girls absolutely loved popping their Surprise Poppers and finding out which dolls they had and what theme they belonged in. As well as finding out which accessories they got to add to their collection too. I love how each girl doll is unique, and all their outfits are different and stand out. They're such great quality, and the details are fab too.

* This is a collaborative post.
I was gifted and paid.
However, all words, opinions and images are entirely my own.

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