Beddgelert Forest - Llyn Llewelyn

My partner and I absolutely love being outdoors and taking the kids on some outdoor adventures. I was brought up to be adventurous and my Dad always used to end up taking us to places where we had to walk miles, and although I complained a lot, I always enjoyed it. I'm lucky to have a partner who has the same interests in me, and when he told me that he was taking us to Beddgelert Forest, I was interested to see where it was and what kind of place it was. Beddgelert is one of my favourite places to visit, but I've never visited the forests before.

The forest is absolutely huge and has some very rocky paths, which we struggled with the pram at times, but we got through it. During the walk, you pass the Welsh Mountain Railway, and the views are just stunning. There are many paths and different routes you can take and anyway you go, you are bound to see some beautiful, breathtaking views.

We stopped at Llyn Llywelyn, and the lake is stunning. There are some picnic benches nearby which are perfect for having a picnic, which is something we are planning to do the next time we visit. You can walk to this forest from Beddgelert and walk back to the beautiful village too. You can read more about the forest in this article here: Beddgelert Forest

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