5 Things You Should Do Each Morning

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that my routine and my life has changed a lot. Just a few months ago, I struggled to get out bed, I struggled to keep on top of work, the housework and everything in life in general. Up until a few months ago where something clicked and I had this urge of motivation to declutter and keep on top of the cleaning and tidying in my home. By doing this, I've been able to look after myself better and my mornings have never been a struggle, bar if I'm tired, but I've not had that really bad struggle to get up and start my day. Here are just 5 things I personally think everyone should do when they wake up each morning:

1. Open all curtains and windows
Getting some natural lighting and some fresh air into your home in the mornings (especially early morning) is so fresh and calming. There's just something about the morning fresh air that wakes you and motivates you to start the day. I can never start my day properly without opening my windows and curtains. 

2. Make a drink
I think it's important to make sure you have a drink each morning. Whether it's water or diluted juice, having a drink wakes you up and it's also good for your health too. Hunkemoller have a great Thermo bottle to keep your drink cold throughout the day. I was sent this sports bottle, that's currently out of stock but does the same thing as their new Thermos Bottle. 

3. Do any tidying/dishes/cleaning
Before leaving your house, write a small checklist, either on a piece of paper or your phone and see if you can complete your checklist before you head out of the house. By doing all your housework (or most at least) before you head out, will give you a clear mind as you won't need to worry about doing anything when you get back home - only keep on top of it.

4. Go for a walk
Walking helps the mind, a lot. A morning walk is probably one of the best walks you can have in the day. If you're a parent and able to walk your child to school, do that instead of driving. You'll feel better in yourself and on a plus side, it's a great way to improve your health and fitness too. Hunkemoller have a great range of sports leggings at affordable prices. These will come in great for walks for any time of the day.

5. Eat a proper breakfast
I never used to eat a proper breakfast a few years back but when I started too, I did feel my day was better. My mind felt better and I felt healthier, with a lot more energy too. Starting your day with an empty stomach and no energy is not good. There are many things you can have out there that can help you have breakfast on the go, if you're not able to cook one. 

What do you do to start your morning each day?

* Collaborative post. 

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