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I'm not sure if anyone else's kids are the same, but my two eldest, Mia and Elliw are so fussy with their clothes. Mia is 8 and Elliw is 6, and although they are sisters and quite close in age, their styles are the complete opposite. Mia loves to wear leggings and very rarely will you see her wearing a dress, skirts or jeans. She also still loves cute little logos, especially puppies and horses. Elliw, on the other hand, adores her dresses and skirts and not very often will she wear leggings and never will she wear jeans. It's quite difficult to buy clothes for them because they are super fussy.

When I was given a chance to order some clothes from the MandM Direct website, I got the girls to sit down with me, and we all took a look at what outfit they would like. MandM Direct is an online clothing store. They have the most popular brands, with the lowest price. Not just that but you can buy for the whole family. I chose outfits for the girls (with their help), my partner and myself. At the moment, Freddie has a lot of clothes, so I decided to leave him out with this one.

I chose two t-shirts for my partner from the New Balance brand and Jack and Jones. I chose the colours I like best on him, I personally think he suits darker colours. There's a great choice of sizes, and there are so many pieces to choose from too. The quality of the t-shirts are great, and they fitted him perfectly. They team up well with a pair of jeans as he's done in the photos.

The girls chose their own outfits, and they absolutely love them. A lot of the clothes they chose are from the brand Board Angels. They are so reasonably priced and again, great quality. Mia chose the PUMA leggings which are high quality and suit her really well. She teamed it up with a navy blue t-shirt with pink butterflies making a heart-shape - which is totally her. To finish Mia's outfit off are these adorable pink and black pumps which she loves.

Elliw went for a skit, of course, teaming it up with a Chip t-shirt which I absolutely adore. Beauty and Beast is my favourite Disney film of all time. To finish her outfit off, Elliw also went for some pumps, but just pink ones and I think they're so pretty and suit her really well.

I always struggle to find clothes for myself because I'm a plus size. But I was looking forward to seeing how this outfit looked on me. I went for a relaxed outfit, something I could throw on, do the school runs and relax in. Again, Board Angels have this lovely striped long sleeve top, and we all know striped tops are a must-have in a Mam's wardrobe, isn't it? Teaming it up with some black joggers that are super comfortable and great to run around after the kids.

MandM Direct is an affordable online store for the whole family. All this cost just under £70 which I find very reasonable considering I managed to get a whole outfit, including shoes for the girls, 2 t-shirts for my partner and a whole outfit for myself. I'm really pleased with the quality and the amount of choices there are on the website. Delivery was reasonable too.

* We were given these items for the purpose of this review.
However, all words, images and opinions are entierly our own.

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  1. I love H&M for my toddler but never thought of shopping there myself as a bigger girl! Will definately have to give them ago as they are so affordable too!


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