Fantastic Firsts with Little Tikes

When you find out you're pregnant, it's such a scary but exciting time for many. As the months go by, you start to think about all the firsts your baby will do. From the usual, first steps, first time sitting up or the first word. It's so exciting and something lovely to think about and look forward too. But when you become a parent for the first time, as your child is growing you start to see all the other firsts, some we don't hear about. They're small things, whether they are funny or some things are things you will remember. From the first time, your baby decides to poo on you (yep, it happens!) to the first time your baby sleeps more than 2 hours!

My girls are now 8 and 6, I do remember a lot of first times with them, but of course, I do remember more with Freddie as he's still so young. He turned 2 years old this July, and he's still doing his 'firsts'. Saying that, the girls are still going through their 'firsts' too, it doesn't really stop. Talking back with Freddie, he's learning so many new things recently. He's done his first step, first time sitting up and words, but we're still going seeing him learn new things every single day. He sang 'Baby Shark' just a couple of weeks ago, for the first time, not sure if I should be happy about the choice of song but you know! It was a first, and he's been singing it ever since.

Talking about firsts, Little Tikes sent Freddie a couple of their toys from their Fantastic Firsts range. We were also sent some Little Tikes 'Fantastic Firsts' cards which I love! One of the products is 'Little Tikes Sleepy Heads'. Freddie has had tonnes of fun with these stackers, and he absolutely loves them. They are suitable from 6 months onwards and are great for help in development. There are 3 different characters, and you can mix and match them. There are 9 pieces in total and to stack them you need to open their eyes. Each body also includes a different sound, rattle or a crinkle which is an added bonus for fun and development.

For the older ones, from 12 months onwards the Little Tikes Cutie Bugs Singing Sorter is another great toy from the range. This toy is also great for development and making learning lots of fun. There are 5 easy-to-grasp blocks in different shapes to help little ones learn, and they are also in different colours too. Not only is it a sorter, but it's also a pull-along too. Freddie loves pull-along toys and when this caterpillar gets pulled it sings, and the shapes bob up and down. When the shapes bob up and down, you can see their adorable little faces too!

Going back to talking about Freddie's firsts, I am sad to think that I will never experience the baby 'firsts' again but excited to celebrate all the new firsts throughout the next few years. There are so many new firsts coming up, such as tying his shoelace for the first time, I remember Mia was so proud when she managed to do it for the first time, and Elliw is slowly getting there. We've also got his first time riding a bike, first Christmas concert and so much more coming up.

Share some of your memorable 'firsts' with your little one below!

* We were gifted these items mentioned in this post.
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  1. Those toys look great, I think Amelia would love them too! It's hard when their 'firsts' are also your last isn't it! x


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